I want to read your story, if it’s yours or one of your favorites, feel free to recommend it here!
I really like historical fiction, but I will read anything, just send me a link and I will check it out.


Oo favorites hmm well do you read poetry as well? I have multiple books that I’m thinking of

what do you like in a story?

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Description: A dystopian future in Chicago where two young black boys get kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to work as sex slaves and hands in a factory which manufactures weed laced with opiates. The story also follows the boss and the head grower while featuring technology that can read and manipulate thoughts through a cerebral implant. Split into scenes perfect for TV.


A light comedy I wrote for a story-a-month challenge about a very lively family. Fantasy as a backdrop, but comedy is the main genre really.

Abyss King
Long ago there used to be a hero named Max, he was famous in all the world and his name was a symbol of justice, but one day, he was betrayed by his friends, and thrown into the abyss, a dimension full of darkness and monsters, 4 years later, he is back, and seek nothing more than revenge


Genre: Fantasy Romance
How dangerous can prey be?

Sent to assassinate King Merlin, Jiyu was walking straight into the lair of the most powerful hunter. She was doomed to die, but for a vicious reason, King Merlin spared her. Instead he seized the chance to make her a living tool under his command.

War raged in the shadow yonder, children mysteriously disappeared from the land and trains after trains of coincidencial occurrences took place all at once. Jiyu knew that the only way to stop the chaos was for the prey and the hunter to finally join hands.

But, there was not a chance they could work together. Not unless Jiyu managed to tame the untamable to bow before her.

If you decide to read it, I hope you’ll enjoy!

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Is it possible for two people to be cut from the same cloth? Elena Matthews is a young girl trying to start a new life for herself while running away from her past. Tobias Quinn is a stubborn, rude young man trying to forget his past. Will they find love or will their stubbornness get in the way before both their past catches up with them?



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Not sure if it’s what you’re after, but here you go… it’s short and hopefully not a hard read.

Happy for criticism too!

True Crime! For Reals!

Genre: Mystery/Detective

All Bill wanted was a bit of peace and quiet. A hard drink, a snooze, and a bit of time in the sun.

But in Binkyville such things are hard to come by, and even harder to claim. Peace cowers beneath crime-ridden streets, and sleep… well, Bill hasn’t slept in hours, and he’s likely not to sleep for a few more.

So when Lilly, the girl of Bill’s dreams, drops into his office one morning begging for him to locate her priceless missing jewellery, Bill can’t help but take the case.

He must find The Lizard before it’s too late, and to do so he must venture deep into the rotten core of Binkyville and face the darkness within.

Only then will he find Lilly’s missing jewellery. Only then will he find his peace.

My story is only a short story that I wrote for a town contest, but feel free to read it.

This is a story a wrote for my community’s writing contest. I decided since my story was submitted already, and I didn’t know what to do with it now, I could upload it onto Wattpad for whoever is interested can read.

This story is about a girl who thinks she is living a simple, happy life with her mother, until one day she finds a certain box while going through storage with her mother. She finds out about a secret she never expected she would hear. What’s in the box? What’s so important about it? What’s the secret she finds out about that changes everything? You’ll have to find out by reading this short story.


Do you like Fantasy?

image https://www.wattpad.com/726645104-〖-ℙ𝕣𝕠𝕥𝕖𝕔𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕤-♡-𝕄𝕚𝕟𝕙𝕪𝕦𝕜-〗-❀

thank you!

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Title: The Red Ribbon

Genre: Teen-Fiction

Blurb: It’s the beginning of a new school year as elite junior Ravenna Griselda continues her reign of terror over the student body after the infamously traumatizing events of sophomore year. Thanks to the Inquisitors, an openly secret organization within the private school, Ravenna, alongside her puppets, begin to master the art of real-life chess. As the months progress, the Inquisitors grow not only smarter, but bolder as they take a leap over a dangerous line they’ve never crossed before. So when a revenge plan takes an unexpected turn, deep rooted secrets are suddenly spilled. Through betrayals, backlash, and intricate conspiracies, Ravenna only remains with one last question: which one of them is the real monster?

Link: https://my.w.tt/HAqRpQF50W

And if you like Romance, I have a recommendation!

Title: I Never Imagined
Author: @SVTSwrites
Link: https://my.w.tt/G1bd59G50W


Innocent Emily Kim


“What do you want,” she repeated.

“Break up with Axel.”

Her eyes widened, mouth opening slightly. Aiden’s eyes darkened, looking at her parted lips.

“Close your mouth, baby, or I might have to close it for you.”

Emily is in love with Axel Armstrong. She would do anything to get to know him better. When she finds out he needs her help, she’s willing to be his fake girlfriend, if it means that she can be romantic with him.

But what happens when Axel’s brother, Aiden, steps into the picture? And why is he so determined to break them up?

For mature audiences only.

© All Rights Reserved

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/180535141-innocent-emily-kim

Enjoy! I appreciate your support!

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Title: The Writer and the Rock Star

Blurb: Norah Young is living the life of her dreams after finally escaping Davensport, the small town she once called home. She has settled into her own apartment, and she’s ready to establish herself as a writer. Norah is the definition of a girl boss except her sink is full of dirty dishes, she’s had six hours of sleep in the past two days, and she hasn’t left her house in a week. Needless to say, Norah doesn’t have the time to consider her love life, but then she runs into Conrad Harris, a member of a famous band and an old crush. If given the opportunity, what will Norah choose: love or her dream? She can’t have both, or can she?

The Writer and the Rockstar


Barbara Gordon, daughter of the police commissioner, is determined to follow in her father’s footsteps. The same night a brutal murder occurs she meets Richard Grayson, son of the billionaire Bruce Wayne. Immediately, she knows something is off about him. His skin is too pale and his eyes burn a bright blue.

As the murders continue and men begin disappearing around Gotham City, Barbara begins her own investigation into who- or what- is behind these slayings. However, as she gets closer to the truth she finds herself tangled in a game of mystery, the supernatural, and pure evil.


Benjamin Peters has lived through many eras of history, including some of the worst outbreaks ever recorded. He has seen the plague come to reap the souls of thousands. Not just once, but twice. He has witnessed the illness brought forth by an industrialized world.

He has known a time when disease ran rampant and there was no hope for a cure.

But most of all, Benjamin has come to learn the art of killing. And it is all for the woman he was forced to watch die over and over; the woman he believes he is destined to save.


A Celestial Requiem || A Secrets of Tarot novel (Book 1)
Fantasy, Adventure, Mythology

“A Celestial Requiem” tells the story of a young woman, Mingxia, who lives in Shangzihua, an impoverished village that lies on the outskirts of Wuzhen. Ever since she was a child, she experienced nothing but distrust and hostility. They knew she wasn’t human and they were fearful of her capabilities.

Mingxia tries to quietly live out her life in the shadows as an herbalist to show the villagers that she can bring about a positive change, but fate won’t allow her. She’s tormented with dreams of a mysterious woman and a prophecy about the Tarot that she is expected to fulfill.

To make matters even more complicated, the Crown Prince enters her life and she can’t help but feel a strong, unbreakable connection to him. Mingxia must struggle with her feelings for the Crown Prince and her identity all while coming to terms with a prophecy that could jeopardize the future of the realm of Naestrirea and its mythical inhabitants.



Engulfed by Aries || Fallen Star novella series (Book 1)
Fantasy, Romance, Action

Chaos was the creator of all and ruler of nothing. Over the next several millennium, it watched its descendants enjoy life’s luxuries while it dwelled within the heart of oblivion. Its envy and rage grew, leading it to seek solace in the heart of the ruler of the in-between realm, Erebus. It hoped to make the other deities and the mortals pay for forcing it to live a life of obscurity.

When Erebus and the Goddess of the Stars, Asteria, meet, they end up falling in love, which leads to the creation of the thirteen strongest constellations in the world, the Zodiac. Their love sealed the mortals’ fate, for each Zodiac embodied an important mortal value. The Dark Lord’s thirst for power has overtaken Erebus’ body and corrupted the Zodiac, thrusting the mortal world into a colorless dystopia.

“Engulfed by Aries” focuses on teenage blacksmith apprentice, Hestia Castellanos, as she struggles with her duty to corrupt Aries and her looming father, and her unrecognizable feelings for comrade, Alastair Romanos. Can she regain the courage to stand up to Aries and free her people? Or will she give up everything, including her one chance of happiness with Alastair?


A Queen’s Will || A Secrets of Tarot novella
Short Story

For centuries, the Mer have suffered from Llyr’s Affliction, a deadly infection brought on by the God of Sea. The Affliction only affected Mer that lived amongst Llyr’s territories, causing their once beautiful appearances to distort into deranged monstrosities. The pandemic has caused the Mer population to drastically decline and pit family member against family member.

Queen Raina is determined to bring an end to the Affliction and stop Llyr’s relentless punishment against her people even if that means her death.



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