I Want to Read Your Story

My process for choosing the stories I read is simple–I read anywhere from the first line, to the first paragraph, to the first couple of paragraphs. If I like what I am reading, I add the story to my main reading list. If I don’t like it, I remove it from whatever list it was on and move on.

Here is what I am offering:
For any story submitted, I will read anywhere from the first sentence to the first couple of paragraphs. At the point where I stopped, I will post a comment explaining why I added the story to my list–or why I didn’t.

There are a lot of reasons why I don’t continue on–some are within the writer’s control, and some are not. If there are grammar, spelling, POV, or other glaring errors early on in the story, I will not read on. If this is the case with your story, I will point out the issue to you, so you can fix it and hopefully hook the next reader.

The second reason I do not continue reading is that I just didn’t like the story. It’s probably nothing personal, and if this is the case, but I will let you know the reason.

If I do add your story to my reading list, you may request a formal critique of your first chapter or a Read for Read. (You will be notified via comment if this is the case). Requests for formal critiques can be made through DM @AprilCox7. Please do not request a critique or Read for Read unless your story has been added to my reading list.

Payment: **There is no payment required unless your story is added, and you would like me to critique your story. ** In that case, I ask that you read the first chapter of my book, The Unspeakables, and leave a brief comment to show you have read it. In the case of a read for read, please contact me first before beginning the read, so I know to add your story to a read for read list.

All requests for initial reads will be accepted (meaning the first sentence to first couple of paragraphs read, along with a 1-3 sentence comment on whether I liked it or not), but here is what is more likely to make my reading list:

  1. Books that have at least 3+ chapters and are updated regularly. The more chapters your book has, the more likely I am to read it because what I don’t want, is to become interested in your story and to get to the end and find out that it hasn’t been updated since 2017. Completed books are most welcome.

  2. Books with close narration, like subjective first person or limited third person. I do read other narration styles, but it is harder to hook me on those. I am more likely to want to read your book if I connect to a character right away.

  3. If your book has a modern fantasy theme, scifi, or is written about a fandom that I particularly like–I do read fanfiction as well as original stories. For a list of fandoms that have caught my attention in the past, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  4. Your first couple of paragraphs should not have any tense errors, spelling errors, or any major grammatical or punctuation errors. Every once in a while, a story with errors such as these will have something that really gets my attention and causes me to want to read on, but it is rare.

  5. I do not read poetry, RPF, or memes of any kind.

If you are interested, please submit a link to your story below, and I will check it out. Because this thread has had more activity than expected, I will not be able to respond same day any longer. When you link your story, I will add it to a queue and work on approximately five stories each day.

Fandom List:
Harry Potter (my favorite–I am always looking for new Harry Potter books to read)
Marvel (especially based off of the Avengers or The X-Men)
Phineas and Ferb
Sailor Moon
Girl Meets World
Hunger Games

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, but it is in no way an exhaustive list.


  1. @infIorescent–Girls of a Feather


I’ve started this book Della and Lawrence It’s teen-fic/romance. I’ve uploaded 3 chapters and am updating every day. You can check it out if you think it’s something you’d read.


Its a BTS fanfic but it will go fine even if you aren’t a kpop fan.
Genre: mystery/ thriller, feminism

hey thanks for doing this! would you mind reading my story Jericho? looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

All current requests are complete.

Hi! Well I have this book that I’m trying something new in it. I want to see if it can hook some readers. The book name is Life as the youngest Sakamaki . I know that my grammar and spelling are decent so I hope you like it. Thanks already❤

Pity you don’t read RPF. My current project is an Alice in Wonderland parody, except instead of Alice it’s John Mulaney. :grin:

I have 2 books.

  1. https://www.wattpad.com/story/190303320-fnaf-memes (if you like fnaf)
  2. https://www.wattpad.com/story/189716651-house-of-the-haunted
    can you please critique my 2nd book? i have done payment.

Hi! I definitely need help with my first chapter because I wrote it like 2 years ago and any advice is appreciated :slight_smile: It’s a werewolf/shifter book, called Dark Stripes. I started it a while ago but I’m taking up writing again and will update weekly if I decide to work on it again (I might just start a new book instead).


While I appreciate you completing the payment, you did not follow directions. I will read through the first few paragraphs of your stories–if I like your story and decide to add it to my reading list, I would be happy to complete a formal critique of your first chapter, but I will make that decision after I look at your opening paragraphs.

@theworksofghosts I do apologize, but your story did not meet my criteria for a full critique. If you would like to make the corrections suggested for your first couple of paragraphs (and check for tense errors–because I caught some of those as well), you may resubmit, and I will take another look, but at this time I am declining to do a full critique.

All current requests are complete.

I appreciate the chance to see if my story can hook you! Here’s the link.

The Dragon’s Valkyrie

I’ve looked all requested stories so far. I will probably not be looking at any more today, but feel free to leave a link for me for tomorrow.

I’m in the process of writing my story.

Here is the link if you want to check it out and give me some feedback on it. Thanks in advance!

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/740892204-the-savage-forest-authors-note-introduction

Hullo. I have a few stories that may interest you.

The first is my main project. It’s a novel that I’ve been working on since 2015. Currently, it’s 50k words long, and I update every 2 - 3 weeks. (Yes, slow updates, but there’s a lot to catch up on haha). The Third Son is a Victorian Gothic fantasy romance, told in a combination of first person and third limited, with commentary on religious and racial relations, and a lot of angst.

The second is a completed (first draft) novella. Stolen at Midnight is a 15k word long Georgian fantasy piece about a researcher trying to escape his partner, whom he recently learned is a wealthy crime lord. (this one is also in first person).

If those don’t seem up your alley, I have a bunch of completed short stories and novellas in the anthology There, Through Old Lands.

I 100% don’t expect you to be willing to read all of these; I just figured I’d give you the choice of a few different things so you may be more likely to read on. Feel free to look at what you think is cool or just skip them all, no pressure.


The story’s main focus is a street urchin who is picked off the streets and taught blacksmithing. It is Historical-Fiction for the main part, but there’s Adventure too (The search for a new continent and what happens due to it) and a few Fantasy things which you may notice upon reading the summary.

I’ve seen that you do not read poetry, but wanted to ask if you would be interested in reading a story which is put in rhymes, which has characters and a plot, but written as an ode.

Hey there! How ya doing?

I’m writing an ongoing Mature Romance book, When The Smoke Clears, about an unlikely couple. I’d love for you to give it a try!

(Link 2: https://www.wattpad.com/story/185740145-when-the-smoke-clears)

Title: Ashen Hyacinth
Genre: (Urban?) Fantasy, Adventure
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/184193144-ashen-hyacinth

Let me know if it meets the criteria/you’ve accepted it! Thanks! :blush: