I want to start a small writers support group! - Group now full.

This group is currently full and will not be accepting any further members but thank you for your interest. If any members become inactive then we will look for more.

Hi, so my names Kristy and I am pretty sure my writing sucks.

I used to be really enthusiastic and got onto Wattpad to get feedback on my work and improve. No feedback, or any activity, has led me to wonder if I am actually cut out to achieve my life long dream of completing a good book. It is bringing on a horrendous writing block and I am struggling to write. I do not need my book to get on a best sellers list or be headhunted by publishers but it would mean a lot to me if I could develop it into something people would enjoy reading.

I imagine I am not the only one who feels this way and so I would really like to find people who are in the same boat and would like feedback.

If you are a member of this group then you would read chapters, offer your advice, opinions or feelings etc in return for other members to do the same for you. We also have a Facebook page for members who prefer to converse there.

My current book is romance/high fantasy - Killing the King. There are a lot of moving parts, similar to how the series “A Song of Fire and Ice” was written. I fear my scenes are sometimes stagnant or maybe I am just over thinking it.

I am happy to read any genre but I do naturally gravitate towards sci-fi, romance, fantasy etc.

Please let me know if you are interested, I really look forward to getting some good writing buddies and real mutual support.


Hi there Kristy! I’d love to join this writers support group. I will help you get out of the writers block. I think its something everyone struggles with.

My current piece is The Last Lap. It’s Teen Fiction with small parts of romance but it mainly focuses on diversity.

My username is minafer on wattpad. Let me know when you’ll like to start :slight_smile:


Hi Minafer,

That sounds great. I am happy to get started immediately. I imagine more people will join as the group continues.

My name on Wattpad is FantasyUnlocked. I will make sure to get started reading “The Last Lap” latest tomorrow midday. I’ll leave some comments on the story but I’ll message you properly as well so I can give you my complete readers experience :slight_smile:

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Hi! i would love to join this! everyone that reads my books says they’re good but i still dont get many reads, my current is Finding wings and cunning darkness and my pen name is Astaris Reins

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I know, it is very frustrating not having any feedback to really improve or even just for re-affirmation. I’ll make sure to start reading latest tomorrow and leave comments but also message you anything in depth and that will also give you the opportunity to ask me any questions about my opinions on specific characters etc. (My name is UnlockedFantasy on Wattpad)

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okay, thank you!

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I would be happy to join this group!:grinning::heart:


Would be awesome to have you :slight_smile: I’m following you now on Wattpad, is there a book in particular that you would like us to read and comment on first?

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I would be interested in being involved! My story is called Rest is Riddles; it is a somewhat satirical portal fantasy novel featuring a girl who gets aaccidentally sucked into a world where she is the “chosen one.”

I’ll do that tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Hey, still space for one more?

Hello! I’d love to join! I love fantasy and would love to check out your work.

I also struggle with writers block (in fact I didn’t write for years when I couldn’t get past it)

My username on Wattpad is xXkrislynnXx and my story is called PREY: The Eden Waters Series. The second book is called UNTAMED: The Eden Waters series book two.


That is great! I am following you now and will message and comment :slight_smile:

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Sure is! I’ll message you after I have red :slight_smile:

Cool i’ll do the same.:ok_hand:

Hold off for a day? I am in the midst of revising chapter 1 to make it a little less name-droppy! :slight_smile: I can pm you when I’m done, would love to get fresh eyes on the revised version!

That sounds brilliant. I have added that to my library and am following you :slight_smile:

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Sure no problem. I know everyone has different commitments and reading speeds so don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

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We’ll be capping this group at 10 active members at once and it is first come first serve. 4 spaces left.