i want write an erotic tale

I wanted them to recommend some erotic tales to complement my writing. I’m in a hole with no exit. Help will glad myself now.

That’s a great erotic tale right there.


i think no have more better answer for my question aushuahsau

How you looked at @EroticBookClub list?

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Did you make any headway with this? Having written many an adult story, I’d be happy to help if you need a little guidance.

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I put it on my list. I hope me have fun and amuse me make me inspired :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll write but I can not know if you can read my text. I’m brazilian and publish my tales and books in portuguese. Would be difficult to me published in english and portuguese.

Right, especially seeing as I don’t speak or read Portuguese! That’s a shame.

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Do not say that haha.
In Brazil, English is treated as a universal language because tourism here is very lucrative and for conversations English is simpler and has more speakers than other languages. So, it’s more common for a Brazilian to speak in English than other people with other nationalities speak in portuguese.