I Was Tagged By an Inappropriate Spam Account

A few minutes ago, I was tagged in a message asking hundreds of users if they wanted to have “virtual sex.” The account had linked a website, and was telling people to “not be shy” because it was fun and safe. The worst part is, the account had 0 followers, so I’m certain it’s a spammer.

I’ve already reported the account and message, and muted the user.

Has anyone else gotten this message?

Yes, just the other day.


The Wattpad team are aware of those accounts, and are working on a solution. For the moment, the best thing to do is (as you’ve done) to mute and report :heart:


Great, thank you!


I also reported Victoria_2960Z and Sherry-3404U because they were targeting underaged readers and writers with the exact same message. Be vigilant. Be Safe. Protect the Children

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Same happened to me yesterday.


Happened to me this afternoon… I reported them, muted them and then I sent Wattpad an email with screen shots for my evidence but that’s all I could do. They all over plus there is tons of bot accounts. I can’t tell if they a real users or if it’s a bot cause with that www. name thing they have they actually have a description for some accounts now. So now I’m confused but the ones with the www.16sexy whatever I have muted and well you can’t really report them they don’t harass you so. I just muted those.

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I just got one of these from Alma_9742N. I’ve gone ahead and reported and muted the account.

Hopefully the wattpad team comes up with a fix soon.

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Got Amber’s soliciting, but I muted, and once you mute, you can’t report.

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It’s happening to thousands of users. One account we just helped to close was created april 11th and had about 40 posts filled with tags of unique users urging them to do these same things. Weve just got to keep out eyes open and keep reporting!



Bot accounts linked to inappropriate and highly explicit dating sites keep following me that I’ve literally reached the point of losing my sanity. Lol but seriously I deleted them though. It’s really it’s annoying… honestly I wish there was a way to terminate them from the site.


I agree! And algorithms that can detect weird URL in the bio, username, or pen name would be a great help. Those accounts could be “put in jail” for a certain time, so in the case of the wrong detection the real human could tell WP, he is a human and not spambot via a form or after submitting a code from an email.

I’m sure this can be bypassed as well, but it may take some time or at least get rid of part of the spambots. The same could be done by detecting a huge amount of @ in the message, pattern in the username (I see a name_4digitnumberLetter), or needing to fill a captcha (picture or a simple question) after a set number of shout-outs. I know bots struggle with those :slight_smile:

I was only twice so far, but it was super annoying.