I was told to join this by UncleL and I come to find it's all dem core peeps from the Clubs


You think I don’t see you @prisim. All the ambs and mods. I see you. I see I have been brought back to live among my people.



The NICK is hereeeeeeee!


I feel like I should pin this



I shall bring them all to me, where my people at


Take her my lord! @Lilly_B_L (sorry sis!)




I thought you didn’t see us Nick. The party has now started!


I see everything. I was just also sort of banned from here originally due to some technical things involving some email stuff. The joys of new builds.


Oh dear. Sounds like a pain.


Dammit! Now we can’t walk around in our underwear any more.


@Prisim I mean… we could, it just might get a bit awkward.



Lol. I can’t believe you said that…


Now this ain’t awkward at all XD


So many jokes to be made… so so so many jokes.


Angel! Come on, be a role model for the people


Nope :smiling_imp: :innocent:

I can be deceiving (hence why my username is that)

But I’m not the porn troubled type. I don’t go that far :smirk: (but seriously, I don’t)


@Prisim so who is Spongebob and who is patrick?


:man_facepalming:who are you and what have you done with Angel? :relaxed: