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Hello, hello!

So, not sure if this is the right place, but we will find out.

As the title says, I will give your story a title. A good one. One that makes you go:

Of course, I will need to know a little about your story, so make sure to drop a summary below and I will see what I can do!

Payment? I mean… I’m not really doing a whole lot… so maybe just click on this link then exit it, idk.


I can’t wait to help!


Hi Finn, I’ve seen you around the LGBT chat threads, but can’t remember if Ive ever had the pleasure of talking with you.

I just finished my first novel a couple weeks ago and the title is super blah. I kept thinking inspiration would strike me while I was writing, but it never did…

My story is historical fiction with a gender transgressing protagonist. It is set in the 12th century and is inspired by true events.

Synopsis with some minor spoilers:
Hildegund is a 12 year old girl who is always getting in trouble for playing rough with her cousin. But then her father lets her know that they will be going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Instead of leaving her behind, she will crossdress as a boy and go by the name Joseph. Her father’s friend will also accompany them. Along the way they will face bandits and other troubles. Through these struggles, Hildegund realizes that she prefers being seen as male and will have to decide if/how she can continue to live as Joseph.

Current title is The Journey. I’ve thought of Journey to Joseph or Crossing Hildegund but they don’t seem like much of an improvement. Any help is appreciated :grinning:


You could have possibly seen me about. I, occasionally, do gay things, but I do believe that we have no yet spoken.

The title you already have isn’t blah at all. However, I do feel as though there are already a lot of “The Journey”'s our there.

So, I will do my best to give you some options.

  1. Transition to the Holy Land
  2. Joseph’s Odyssey
  3. Hildegund Passage
  4. Hildegund Passing
  5. The Defining Journey

They’re just off the top of my head, so if you don’t like any of those, I’ll take some more time :slight_smile:


Thanks! Transition to the Holy Land is a great title, but I don’t think it quite fits my particular story. I also like the Defining Journey. I’m not 100% sure,but I definitely appreciate your efforts :grinning: You’ve given me something to think about.



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Am I allowed to request more than 1?


Hello! I definitely could use some help creating a title.

Summary: During a camping trip after graduation with her friends, Cora acts selfishly to her friends, setting off a curse in which everyone forgets her every time the suns rises. Following a few clues, she heads to her parent’s hometown, Clearwater, to try to break the curse. She comes across someone who ends up remembering her, Kaden Voss. Together, they try to find witches to break the curse.

So the name of the town has a meaning. There’s a river in the town that is clear when she is morally good and murky when she is bad. If the town’s name plays a role in the title, do you think it’s a good town name, or do you have any better suggestions for a town name related to water, clarity, or reflection.

I don’t know if this title is too simple, but one idea I had was “The Curse of Clearwater”. What do you think of it? And any other title suggestions you have are very much appreciated. Thank you!


You sure can


The title you have is good, and I think the town’s name is also good. but if you want a few more ideas for the title…

  1. Clarity in Clearwater
  2. Clearwater’s Curse
  3. The Reflection of Clearwater
  4. Running with the River (Ignore this one if you want)
  5. Defined in Clearwater

I think using the town’s name in the title is a good idea, especially if it and the river play an important part in the story.


What do you need to come up with a title?


Here are the ten stories I am working on
Teen Fiction Stories

  1. 17 and a mother of 4, Dixie had given up on every finding love. Well that was until, she met Matthew.
  2. Mason 16 and free. This bad boy’s partying days are cut short when Nikki drops a test on him
  3. Jillian sweet and quiet, no one knows what happens behind closed doors. On the fateful night, he plans to end it all. Rose stumbles into his life, giving him just what he needs
  4. Lily and Mark were the best of friends. After the fateful morning of his passing. She is left to pick up the pieces.
  5. Senior year, Selene finds out she is pregnant only one problem, she doesn’t know who the father is. It could be her boyfriend of ten years (Tommy) or it could be someone else’s
  6. Griffin has good friends, football scholarship, and a beautiful girl. Senior is about to start, but this year will be anything but fun. A girl has started some rumors that turn all his friends and family against. Well except Penny, that is. Penny knows better, but she needs proof or Griffin’s life is about to go really south when the police get involved.
  7. Seven and Zero are twin brothers they have no secrets from each other except for that one night. Zero struggles whether to tell his brother something, he shouldn’t have kept from him to begin with
  8. Gracie hasn’t been to Rogers High in 2 years, and she hoped that this year would go by quick with no hurtles. However her old flame, Kevin starts prodding her about where she has been. It only gets worse when Kevin finds the real reason she left playing in her backyard.
  9. Danielle is almost finished her Sophomore year. When two lines appear on a plastic test, her life is turned upside down. Her boyfriend denies everything calling her names. The adults are wanting her to get rid of it. She just wants to make the right choose now. There’s only one person she can count on, herself. Or thats what she thinks
  10. Betsie likes Phoenix but he doesn’t know she exist. That was until the fateful summer night party. Betsie thought nothing of it til she starting getting sick. How do you tell a man you’ve admired for 4 years but have only spoken twice to that hey I am gonna have your baby?


Hey Finn, i’m not sure if you’re even using this thread anymore, but i need help choosing a title, i’m terrible at them :rofl:

Alright, so i’ll try to explain my story in as much detail as i can:

Okay, it’s a fanfiction based off of Undertale inspired by some fan animations. Monsters have already managed to get to the surface by this time and so far everything’s been going swimmingly, bar one thing. Frisk, the main character, is having to negotiate rights talks with an extremist, but that’s a side plot. The real plot is below.

The surface still holds one more trial. After the peace talks end badly an enemy of Frisk’s from medieval times surfaces and seizes control over the city they reside within. He establishes an authoritarian control over the city, brings in a private militia and mobs and cuts off all contact with the outside world along with killing one of Frisk’s oldest monster friends and swearing a vendetta against Frisk and all monsters. The man responsible for this is the embodiment of fear, known only by the name ‘Noire’

Swearing revenge for her friend, Frisk and her friends must break Noire’s control over their world before he seizes control of the globe and avenge their fallen friends.

A little research is needed to really understand what i mean, but to summarise:
New species returns to the world that banished them
Embodiment of fear takes over the city and swears to kill the MC
MC’s have to find a way to oust the private army and mobs, then take down Noire before he can gain world domination in a new world the monsters shouldnt care for, but they do.

You can decide if you want to give this cliche crap a title (Sorry, it is that)


Okay, so since there is ten stories, and not a lot to go on, I’m only giving one (1) title for each one.

  1. A Reason To Fall (Pretty bad, I know, but there wasn’t much to go on.)
  2. I honestly have no idea for this one. I really need to know more about what happens in the story. Key aspects of it. Look above to see what I mean.
  3. A Petal of Fate ('Cause Rose is a flower and fateful and stuff)
  4. The Pieces of You
  5. Again, more information is needed for this one. Such as, is the story about her trying to figure out who the father is? Or is it about the struggles of being pregnant in senior year?
  6. Worth More Than A Penny
  7. Not much to go on here again, so all I’ve got is, Counting Secrets
  8. Coming Back To Flames
  9. Parallel Lines
  10. The Night We Began


Hmmmm… this one’s difficult. I’m thinking Trial of Fear

But I’m not sure… if I think of anymore, I’ll be sure to let you know.


Thanks mate :slight_smile:


Oh, you’re Australian, too! Nice


Two - Mason struggles with whether to stick around and be a dad he never had. It gets even more complicated when the girl dies in labor

Five - she struggles with whether to keep the baby no matter the father and whether to tell her boyfriend that she doesnt know if he is really the father

Seven - zero has to come out of the closet in a big way that could not only ruin his relationship but also possibly ruin the image of the guy he has been secretly with tor 2 years.

The numbers wouldn’t appear correctly.
Does that help??


Nice :slight_smile:


Also love the titles thank you


Ooh, I really love Clarity in Clearwater, as well as the others!! They’re all REALLY good options.
I’m gonna ask around and get some opinions based on those suggestions.

Thank you so, so much!!! :slight_smile: