I Will Give Your Story A Title



In 1988, Kimmy Cooper was violently murdered at Fairweather Lake during a party, her boyfriend was found standing over her, broken beer bottle in hand and blood splattered across his clothes. With the case still unsolved and cold thanks to the negligence of the police almost thirty years later people have come to their own conclusions about what happened that night.

Marlowe Bishop has never paid too much attention to the rumors of what happened that night. She had a tendency to avoid gossip, and instead always kept her head stuck in her books. At least they had endings.

It isn’t until Kennedy Carmichael, Marlowe’s new friend is murdered exactly thirty years after Kimmy’s murder in the same exact situation, only with Marlowe’s boyfriend found above her this time, that Marlowe really starts to pay attention to the case.

Marlowe, along with her three friends start to piece together every piece of information they have surrounding both murders, but with all four of them being the prime suspects for Kennedy’s murder, can they trust anyone? Even themselves?


A new school year is opportunity for its students, to suffer for the secrets it hides. Four girls are repeatedly swept into a version of their school everyone is gone, the doors are locked, the power is out, and only monsters reside in the school halls. A grouch with a heart of gold, her bubbly big sister preoccupated with making her smile, a proud beauty trying to hide her insecurities, and a nerd who does not tolerate bullies, must work together to make improvised weapons, defend themselves against the monsters and get the power back on to escape back to their own school. Along the way they develop an unlikely but genuine friendship. As the school year goes on and their forced trips into the nightmarish school become less frequent they begin to drift apart. What will it all come to?

An idea for the title I had was School’s Out, but when the girls turn the power back on they go back to the school they know like nothing happened, it’s part of they mystery and I will explain why that is later in the story, so I don’t think School’s Out makes sense.


(I only thought of the idea today so sorry if its not enough information or it sounds confusing :sweat_smile:)
Our protagonist is someone called ‘M’ (She unable to say her full name for the duration of the story). M REALLY wants to be a writer and thought up multiple worlds, but has writers block constantly and is slowly starting to give up.
One day M meets a lady at a local fair, she says she will help anyone with anything, and M gives it a shot. She turns out to be a witch and sends M to a dimension where all her stories come to life, saying that being actually in her stories experiencing them will help her writers block, and more…if she survives

this is going to be in the description:
YOU, yes YOU, the person reading this RIGHT NOW! At least I hope your there, I can’t see if you’re actually there or if I’m just losing it.
Apparently I’m stuck inside a dimension where all stories come from, but my story hasn’t started yet I think, as I’m currently floating around with the tags of this story slowly appearing around me.
But every story has a description at the beginning, and I hope this ends up there. I’m…well just call me M, why not just say my full name? It’s a long story. How am I here to begin with? Thats an even longer story. But I think if you read my adventure till the end, I might finally escape… I REALLY hope I won’t die before then-WAIT DOES THAT TAG SAY ROMANCE! Ugh…this is going to be a heck of a ride


Summary: What will you do when one day, you wake up, and find yourself in a different body?

Thrown in a myriad of confusing events, Valeriana was forced to live a life she never wished. When she was eighteen years old, her soul transmigrated to the body of a 10-year-old Catriona. With no recollection of how her previous life ended, she forced herself to finally embody the person she had become. To finally live as Catriona Belladona in a world where magic exist. In a world untold.

However, fate was a mysterious artist who liked to make fun of his work. So now, Valeriana was stuck in a royal battlefield of love and war—a war between two young powerful men who were both fighting for the throne and for her heart. Coupled with many discoveries about her true ability, and with Catriona’s past catching up on her, her life turned into a big roller coaster ride.

Currently the title is ‘A World Untold’. Thank you so much :slight_smile: