I wish there was a way to write book reviews ...


Because there are some books I just want to gush about. I can write comments, but the audience for that is the author, not other readers. I want a place to write books reviews that other readers can browse when looking for a book.


This is a really good idea. I think you can kind of do this with the comments but that’s hard to see before reading the novel.


Also, I thought others could read comments. I can.

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If I may suggest:
Put a book on your profile " MY BOOK REVIEWS" or whatever.
Each chapter title could be the title of the book you are reviewing. Then, in the chapter you tell your followers who the author is and then go into all the amazing details you want about the work and why we should read it as well.


Hey, depending on what genre you’re talking about, there might be a reader review book on the ambassador run profile for this genre. If there is, I’m sure the profile would be happy to feature your review.

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I’d adivce you to make a review book on your wattpad profile, I have one.


Oh my gosh, we need this feature! Then when we are checking out someone’s book, we could check out the reviews on their book before reading it.


Just as long as they leave votes and regular comments the way they are now. I don’t want a review star rating system at all, considering people could knock the rating down just because their own story is competing with it in the same genre.


Not sure what you mean?


Basically, if WP introduced a star rating system like a product rating on Amazon, I think that would be bad. I prefer votes and comments the way they are now, but I do admit it would be nice if there was a place where we could leave longer reviews away from the comments. Maybe set them to private or public based on the author’s preference.

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I don’t think anyone was advocating for votes or comments to be taken away. But a review would just be really cool because leaving a comment at the end of a book that other readers can’t see until they finish the book doesn’t do it for me.


People have actually. Some want a review star based system instead of votes and comments.


I like that idea. I do think it could potentially be better to have a review system on the site itself though.


I haven’t seen it in this thread. Wattpad is still a social media site and its sole purpose was made for readers and authors to interact. I promise votes and comments wouldn’t go away no matter what. The majority are big supporters of the sites and comments system already and it won’t be going anywhere. I just like adding a review system on top of what we have already.

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A review and star system would be helpful. Gives you more of a feed back on how people feel about a work. But I guess a way to do it now is tag the author on the forms in the feedback catagory talking about what you liked about and what needs to be worked on?


Check above now. XD

But I’ve seen it in other threads.


Would you like to quote where you’ve seen it because I’m still not reading where someone wants “reviews” instead of “votes and comments”.


Post 15.




@LostNeverland4 was asking me to quote something.

I’m completely against a star based review system. I would most likely leave as a writer if that were to replace votes.

@LostNeverland4 I’ve seen it in other threads with this same topic, and you can use the search feature to look for them. :slight_smile:

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