Ice cream anyone?


Do you like ice cream? Do you hate it? What type do you like? Why do you not like it?

  • Chocolate!
  • Vanilla
  • Rocky road
  • Cookies and cream
  • Cookie dough

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  • Caramel
  • Can’t choose, I love ice cream!

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Cookie dough is my weakness.


Haha, same here! Cookie dough is like my favorite, next to chocolate!


I don’t care if it’ll kill me, I will eat raw cookie dough and die happy :ded:


Why are there two polls? :thinking:


For twice the ice cream fun


Hahaha, well, I originally tried to make it multiple choice and had like ten different answers, but it wouldn’t post the poll, so then I tried single choice and it worked in small chunks for some odd reason… and I made two just in case it wouldn’t work. xD


Freakin every flavor is my jam. Well, not every flavor per se


For double the flavor… or maybe because we want a double scoop? Where’s the triple scoop?


hahahahaha, liar :wink:


My personal favorite is Chunky Monkey.

If I could add a scoop of cookie dough all the better.


I mean I don’t like cookie dough and mostly mint chocolate. Mint chocolate fans will hate me but…it taste like toothpaste. There, I said it :joy: :metal:


I actually agree with you there. I’ve never liked mint chocolate either…


Does this mean pineapple pizza fan too? :heart_eyes: (I’m really having high hopes here lol)


You know me too well lol


Haha, I honestly used to hate it when I was younger for the same reason, but the more I had it (since my parents would buy mint ice cream as like a gallon/bucket since everyone else liked it) the more it grew on me. Now, I love mint chocolate chip ice cream, and it kind of gives me a minty breath. xD

Hahaha, I hate pineapple on pizza! xD


Oh no, you’re on my enemy list now :joy: But I get you. I hated apple cider vinegar before but for health purpose I kind of felt ‘eh, it’s alright’ now. But that doesn’t mean I love it lol


Ice cream, but nobody could here me.


I’ll be like that too when I’m on the ground


I love eating toothpaste for desert