Come here for ideas and plots, and just general fun! Contribute to a story.

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Icebreakers are when a person starts a chain. You can reply to the post with a one-sentence post, carrying on the story. In this way, you can start a plot and/or full story. Any ideas here are free to use.


A monkey got the ability to speak…


Unfortunately, he could only speak Klingon.


So he went looking for a red shirt.


But found a blue one instead


Until his cousin, the Baboon, saw how gorgeous he looked in it, became jealous, and took it away from him.


He plotted revenge, but being a monkey…


He overestimated the effect of using bananas as leverage


Lonely, shirtless, and unable to communicate with those around him, he wandered aimlessly until he found himself in a strange land called “Comic Con.”


There, he saw a human.


But it turned out to just be a monkey cosplaying as a human.


He was disappointed, so he…


He went cuckoo for cocoa puffs.


He ate all that he could find.


But then he ran out and became desperate for some more.


Unfortunately, none of the vendors at the con had any for sale, so he wandered the halls in a sugar-induced fog.


Eventually he found himself outside, standing lifelessly in the rain.


Some cosplayers passed by, and, assuming he was doing an impromptu photoshoot, joined him with poses worthy of dramatic anime end credits.


He wondered what was going on…