Id - Horror Supernatural

Genre: Supernatural Horror
Intended Audience: Adult
Length: Currently 35K hoping for 60K

Jamie Longford hates her life. At 26, she’s lonely,her mother is dead, her father just died, and she has no other family. Her boyfriend is a cheat, and she’s lost her job. On a bitter winter night, she resolves to kill herself. When she loses courage and that fails, fate gives her salvation in the form of Margaret Hamilton, whose disabled son, Gray, is in desperate need of a carer.

Jamie travels to the wilds of Scotland to Tennyson House. Gray is a 28 year man found catatonic in the house one day. Doctors can’t explain his condition, or how he came to be in a minimally conscious state. Jamie feels an immediate connection to Gray, hoping that, ultimately, he’ll recover. For the first time in years she feels she finally a positive focus in her life.

Within the walls of Tennyson House, strange things start to happen. An old coat drags up and down the landing outside her room in the middle of the night. There’s a horrible intelligence squirming in the nursery bed; and a gibbering entity guarding the cellar door. But it’s the scarlet streamers filling the night sky over Tennyson House that really intrigues Jamie, and the arcane sigils that haunt the walls and paintings of the mansion.

Gray’s nurse, Terry, is psychic. When Jamie first arrives, he tries to hide this ability for fear of frightening her, but as he realises Jamie can feel and see the supernatural forces raging in the house, he opens up, and the two become friends. Terry, just as lonely as Jamie, falls in love with her, but she can’t reciprocate as her heart leans towards Gray.

Convinced that the streamers and Gray are connected, Jamie resolves to solve the riddle of what happened to him.

One night, she sees streamers pouring from Gray’s solar plexus, and realises he’s trying to communicate. Gray shows her two sigils; one angelic, the other demonic. Between them, Jamie and Terry realise that demonic forces have put Gray into his catatonic state. When Margaret reveals she’s dying of cancer, she confesses to Jamie that Gray’s father, Richard, specifically bred his son to be the physical vessel for the transmigration of his own soul when his body failed with age. When the time came to do the soul transference, Margaret panicked and killed Richard in the middle of the ritual, leaving Gray’s Id or unconscious mind – the only personality component not transferred - intact. Gray’s Ego and Superego are trapped in Richard’s rotting corpse interred in the cellar. Richard’s soul is able to send out malicious psychic servitors which roam the house in various guises. Using the servitors, Richard attacks Jamie and Terry in a bid to make them flee the house.

Calling upon angelic forces given to her in the sigils, Jamie does battle for Gray’s life against his father’s evil and the demonic energy he summons. She’s victorious but at the cost of Terry’s life and her own near death. Margaret, recently passed, comes to Jamie’s aid and together they free Gray’s trapped psyche and restore his mind and soul.

Jamie and Gray remain at Tennyson House.

Plotlines and Character arcs:
Jamie’s background is one of struggle and despair. When she first arrives at Tennyson House she feels a failure in both life and love. Faced with another’s worse adversity, she gallantly rises to the challenge of changing Gray’s life against egregious odds. The courage within is pulled out for Gray. Where she couldn’t save her parents, she resolves to save the man she loves.

Margaret is a mother tortured with guilt for her part in Gray’s predicament. As a young woman she slavishly indulged her husband’s demonic whims. Knowing she has limited time, she hopes Jamie will step into her shoes and care for Gray - another selfish act. To atone, her soul returns to help Jamie fight Richard.