I'd REALLY would like to edit what shows up on my homepage.

Specifically, not having to see the paid stories section and not having the HUGE banner across the top of my screen would be nice.

I can’t believe that I actually have to scroll down some just to see the “Top Picks For Me” or the other sections that are… you know, “curated” for me? Sure, those might not be my tastes, but I’d rather see those first than the paid stories that 1. don’t spark my interest and 2. I have no intention of getting anyways.

I tried to get rid of the paid stories too and unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way…

To be fair to Wattpad, they REALLY want you to see those Paid Stories, you can’t even block the “paidstories” tag with their latest Home tag-blocking update.

I’d love to be rid of them, too, but it’d hurt their business and make it harder for them to pay their programmers and coders to fix the still-broken tag ranking system… (oops)

(not oops, 1000% on purpose :wink:)


They really do be acting like this is a store. If I have to walk across a store for something, sure, I’m more likely to buy other stuff. But Wattpad, this isn’t a store. You’re not going to get me to buy Wattcoins just to unlock chapters by making me scroll more. If I wanted to buy books, I’d just use Amazon Kindle.

wdym, it works as intended /s

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it doesn’t work as far as I’ve observed.

Yea, I was joking about it working haha

Given that they save on labour costs by having a large portion of (content) moderation on site and on the forums done by volunteers, you’d think they’d have those funds already :thinking:

(FYI: This is a joke. I’m sure they’re just dealing with spaghetti code - even MMOs have this problem.)