Idea for a Magical Curse/Sickness Needed Please

I’ll try my best to keep this as spoiler free as possible, so here we go!

I’m writing a paranormal mystery story and I have a secondary character who is going to turn into a main character because of this curse/sickness.

It should be a magical type curse/sickness that doesn’t affect this characters life much at the moment until it’s triggered/too late. I want it to be something very dark, scary and impactful that will affect not only my character but everyone around them as well.

This curse should also make everyone fear this character and the only possible cure/prevention for this curse/sickness should have something to do with vampire-werewolf hybrids and their dna and genetics.

I’m struggling so much to draw a connection between the curse and the cure mainly because I don’t know what the curse even is yet.

Any and all help would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

So as to speak it has something the other side isn’t affected by and something they are affected by as well
Think of it as immunity build up for the kids when born they take the genetics that help them live and ones that strengthen their immune system

The curse should be something both vampires and werewolves are affected by in part and not whole, so it is made of different concoctions (sorry for the spelling meant to say like a blend of different things)

Having this means that if it is genetic it isn’t dominant but resesive so something geniticaly linked to a resesive gene that can die out without affecting us much maybe something that is only produced in high quantities during growth periods so once it is too late (as the character doesn’t need much of that gene to grow up and develop) the disease will overwhelm the system

Knowing that(making things up at this point) vampire-werewolf hybrids undergo alot of changes as they grow for different reasons and so their body gets accustomed to the gene making them relay on it tho it is a resisve or extra gene to some

I am making this all to genetics at the moment to build up some link to the things said

But again a curse can be casted to have those specific requirements and it wouldn’t really be a big deal of a thing

Summoning a demon with vials of human blood.

Hi, sorry for the super late reply.

Yeah, the cure is going to be the genetically modified genes of artificially combined vampire and werewolf DNA, hence hybrid DNA. Hybrids aren’t natural in my story, they’re scientifically made and very hard to make.

So yes, these genes that need to have something in common with one another (maybe bloodlust?) are the cure for: _____. I don’t know.

I want the curse/sickness/whatever bad mojo to be something legends kind of speak of because the character’s mother knows about it and is trying to prevent and stop it, hence the hybrid DNA which was hinted at in the legends… but the tough part is figuring out what the curse is, why it exists, how it affects the character, how it affects other people and supernaturals, why it can be cured with hybrid DNA, etc.

I just need and idea to grasp on and grow until it clicks, but obviously I can’t come up with anything. :joy:

Thanks for helping me out, I really appreciate it.

Demons in my story aren’t clean cut beings, so yeah…

I like the idea of being able to summon things, but I was leaning more toward the idea of a supernatural curse or sickness that takes the character’s life over and controls him more than he can control it. Sort of like a werewolf curse, but darker and new.

I know I’m not being very helpful, sorry. :joy:

Bring in a count-down clock of when it’s the point of no return, like it operates like a virus that has a certain incubation period before it completely takes over. Certain factors can speed the process, ex. infection site, environment temperature, age, metabolism, etc. I think of Cargo in which the main character is infected with a zombie virus and has a limited amount of time to find someone to take care of his kid before he becomes a zombie.

It helps if it exists in the world and is known to have no cure, but otherwise you can show its progression through symptoms. Even better, breaks where the character loses memory which turns them into an unreliable narrator.