Idea! "Writer Interface"



What if Wattpad users had the option of choosing between a “Reader Interface” or a “Writer Interface”?

With, “Reader Interface” being the default.

I’ve noticed today that a lot of comments or suggestions that have been made today would make things better for writers, not necessarily readers. And considering that Readers are like 80% of the site’s users, some of the changes like “separating the notifications tab into more segments”, would be overkill for readers who probably don’t have much spamming their notifications tab.

I’ve gotta run, so I’ll come back with more specifics soon, but what do you guys think?

What would be useful on a Writer Interface that readers probably don’t need?

Think along the lines of differences in the homepage, the newsfeed and the notifications tab.


Something like a wikia kind of situation comes to mind specifically. The reader would read the story or article from a list on the front page, while there would be a specific edit page or text editor specifically for the writers.

A reader might not necessarily use a create new entry button but a writer would. I a;so tend to prefer minimalists designs, and find more bloggy kind of formats somewhat distracting. Also some kind of universal night mode.

I prefer default night mode, because plugins have this way of being … kind of unreliable. Sometimes buttons don’t display correctly. And different ones have different ideas of what constitutes night mode.


Reader’s Interface:

  • Chapter Updates to books in your library.
  • Messages from people you follow.
  • And maybe whatever’s in the Newsfeed right now (what people you follow are reading, commenting and voting on, etc.) but hopefully in a less cluttered manner.
  • Response to messages/comments you leave on someone else’s page/book.

Writer’s Interface:

  • Comments & Votes on your books.
  • Addition of your story to Reading Lists.
  • Maybe easier way of posting a message to your page in the app?

If I think of something else, I’ll be sure to add it.

Other than that, I think notifications to someone following you or posting a message to your page should remain in both interfaces.

Having two different interfaces for readers and writers would just help a great deal to declutter notifications and newsfeed for writers. Writers will get the option to enjoy the app better as readers. Currently, writers with a lot of activity on their books/pages aren’t able to enjoy the app as readers. They won’t miss out either: messages from their favourite authors or messages to them from their readers!


I agree with the breakdown @messyfirstdraft has made.

When in a reader mode, it would make sense to prioritize updates to works in the library, news (conversations ‘notify my followers’ ‘…wants you to know’) from those one has chosen to follow, replies to comments you made on a work…

If a user is selecting a Writer’s view, the priority should be on interactions their work is getting, so that they can go reply to or thank those users and continue interactions. So, reads, votes, comments, list adds, etc.

But there needs to still be an area where one can see actions of those they follow or clubs comments from those they follow. Because that’s a passive discovery channel for some of us. If someone comments or votes on my work and their followers have a chance of seeing that, then that’s another form of discovery for my profile and work.


Well for example, on Diaspora, for the most part, you only get posts from those you explicitely follow or follow you. Granted this can be abused too, my Twitter is a good example. I’m just letting me Twitter go to crap at this point.

But on Diaspora, I’m a lot more … choosey about who I follow or let follow me. Especially since the platform is filled with Alt-Right Nutjobs. Or one guy, that I’m sorry, I’m no doctor, but he sounds like a paranoid schitzophrenic. I would absolutely hate to get Wattpad notifications from him.

And I’m one who does stream of conciousness.

On second thought, maybe not exactly like Diaspora. I don’t want to feel … that isolated. That kind of “Millions of people in the room, but there is knowone there you know” offspring lyric kind of situation.