Ideas for subplots

What are some plotarcs or conflicts that can happen in a magic school?

I mean, coming up with plots is kind of the point of being a writer lol. There are a million things you could have pop up in any setting, especially a fantasy magical one. If you need a plot it’s best to come up with one of your own. It’s likely to fit better, be more creative, and generally just be your own work.

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Subplots (like all plots) can be influenced by but are not necessarily tied to the setting. I think a better question might be what kind of subplot would feed into your story’s key moments, reinforce the themes, and push the arcs of other important characters beyond the MC.


That’s true, but more ideas for me to bend as I can.

(It’s not supposed to be a super unique story)

More I need something I can try to use to influence the main characters motivations to lead into the next part of the story. I’ve kind of given up on slimming the story down.

I just want some spur of the moment prompts for cliche situations, or a link to something like that.

I guess there is another character I’d like to focus on for a while, but I’m still not sure what to do.

I don’t want something too specific, just quick prompts. If they’re cliche that’s better.

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What’s your main story about?

It’s supposed to be a cliche YA story set in a magic school.
Basically both the secondary main characters want to be at the top of the class so they get chosen to work at the castle.
But the main characters need to all be decent friends by that time, and I was planning to have them study together. Problem is, the main character needs a reason to want to do that.
She’s just a girl from an orphanage and actually the last of a line of wizards who used to serve the king.
I was planning to have her find this out when she went to the castle.
One of the others is a spy, and the other is planning to kill the king for revenge.
I guess I feel like there should be at least one more subplot between anyway.
It all sounds pretty banal when I explain it like that, doesn’t it?

A terrible explosion in potion making class?
Familiars getting loose and tearing through the halls?
A once friendly golem going berzerk?
A fire in the library where all the books of magic are stored?
The brooms of all the witches glitching and flying off?
A student that is a prankster altering spells slightly for hilarious results?


I second the familiars getting loose and tearing through the halls…that would be hilarious.

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What if like what @MathiasCavanaugh said and you could have the two characters in the library fighting to use the same “good book” and it causes something (a fire or spark or something) to catch hold of the library and so the school is like “since you guys don’t seem to appreicate the history within these walls you will both work inside the library until you can learn the value that’s here…yadda yadda yadda” Now Charater A and B are forced to be together…just a thought.


Nice prompt! I like the idea, and the ideas MathiasCavanaugh brought up.
It makes me realize how little magical things exist in my magic school, but it gets me thinking anyway.

They best thing I’ve ever read about writing was that if you’re writting an AU then the only rules are the ones you make up and if you believe it then your readers will too. Think JKR she’s like “the stairs change of their own free will” and everyone was like “yeah makes sense” no was was like “umm no stairs don’t do that.” IDK it’s kinda freeing that there are no rules.

Personally I find hard magic systems more interesting. It’s so cool seeing what can happen within the confines of rules that you already know of, rather than just random things happening.

maybe you could add a romance. it could be like one-sided so they can gain the trust of the other person. and then they betray them!! gotta love those lol

I want to add a romantic subplot so badly, you have no idea!
And I think the main character might be able to fall in love! But I’m not sure what would make a person like grey admit she’s in love and especially confess her love. I was planning to wait for a sequel to really look at the idea of a romantic subplot, if I write one, because then all the charaters will be a lot more comfortable with each other.

i good way to kickstart a romance is for some life-threatening situation and one of the characters risks their life to save the other. in many books, characters fall in love that way. it could be a natural diaster or a magic-related thing or even falling off of a building or something. for some reason (and this is true irl as well) when someone saves your life you instantly gain their trust and they become more attractive to you.

can you tell i watched a youtube video on this last night? ahahahhaa

Rules of like the magical universe?..need more explination on this one, I don’t understand.

Hehe. That already happened tho! That’s why I think she could fall in love… but she’s probabley not going to admit it.

what if you started the breadcrumb trail to a romance elliment? The fact that you don’t know if your own charater is even able to admit to loving someone makes me like her and it makes me wanna read your story to see what you’re talking about, even though magic genre isn’t really my wheelhouse. What’s your story called?

Harry potter is a softer magic system, where magic kinda happens and the rules are unclear.

It’s not published or named yet, though I have a good chunk of it written.
I should get it finished by the end of next month, then I’ll start posting twice weekly, hopefully.
It’s not going to be super polished, but i have confidence I’ll be able to finish it.

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