Ideas on a fantasy book

I am trying to write this fantasy book and I need help. I have ideas about what I want it to be about but I want to know what is your definition of a great fantasy book and what can make a fantasy book better.

any ideas would work thank you

This might sound like a cliché, but there is no recipe for a great book. If there were, then there would be a lot of books like that, and it would soon grow boring. Write the story you want to write, I think that works best. That way, you’re passionate about it, and passion tends to filter through.

That, of course, doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that people tend to like.A few things I like are:

  • Good world building that isn’t too explicit in the story (as in the world makes sense, but the reader doesn’t get too much exposition)
  • Strong female characters (sadly, they can still be quite lacking in the genre sometimes)
  • Not too much focus on fight scenes
  • Not too much focus on the love story, if there is one
  • A quest (I’m a sucker for quests)
  • A bit of humour (fantasy can sometimes take itself too seriously, and a bit of fun in between is just lovely, I think)

A pet peeve of mine is the forced invention of languages. Usually, a fantasy language isn’t necessary, and it can sound weird very fast.

But again, all of these things are subjectives. Your own ideas are likely the ones that will work best for you.


When the book’s fantasy temporarily becomes my reality.

Fantastic things and where to find them.

Thank you for your ideas love them


I prefer fantasy books set in exotic worlds that use monsters and sentient creatures that are unfamiliar. The last time the word ‘elf’ excited me was in the late 1990’s.

I like adventures vs the End of The World is Nigh or Queen Must Take Her Throne back plots.

I don’t like Magic School; Teens on a Quest to Save Us All; Princesses in Exile, Fairy Tales re-tellings

I like interesting political problems vs. Evil Wants to Destroy US! or Once the Rightful Ruler takes the Throne, everything is going to be fine or the Conflict is generated through oppression of women or minorities.

I want more fantasy set in Republics or other representative and CAPABLE governments

I like characters that feel alive and I prefer it when I cannot tell the ending in advance, but when i see it, I notice the foreshadowing done throughout the novel.

  1. Keep the erotic stuff out!
  2. Great description to create a indulging world.
  3. Most important to keep it original.
    Personally I like fantasy books that don’t have imaginary creatures in them, more real, just a different world, often historical.

I think something that is often lacking is a great villain. A lot of the time, they just seem like generic bad guys, whether it’s “I want to take over the world because I’m evil therefore I must!” or because they’re against a specific group of people due to their identity (e.g. group of elves in a story hating on goblins because goblins are —insert goblin stereotype here—).
I love fantasy stories which have villains that are right in their own way and that even readers may agree with sometimes (e.g. This isn’t an example from fantasy stories, but Magneto from the X-Men series is a villain, but also has a perspective that the reader/viewer can understand and sympathise with).

Hitting this point really elevates a story (from my perspective, anyway).

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Well, there are great examples in modern fantasy, George Martin’s books (as books) and Abercrombie’s certainly have fantastic agendas for every character, villain or hero. Obviously, those are towering examples of excellent writers, and most people on Wattpad are the aspiring milieu, but they are incredible examples of doing what you are looking for in the genre and for many decades now.

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Everyone else has mentioned some great things.

The one thing I ask is - get beta readers to make sure you don’t infodump. I really tap out of a fantasy book if there are pages of history.

Lord of the Rings - we didn’t really exlore the ring wraiths until the hobbits were already on their journey. And even then, we didn’t know their history until later. You can use backstory and information as mystery.

Or with Harry Potter - we didn’t start off with Rowling telling us about the Ministry of Magic, etc. We discovered that over time. We also didn’t start off knowing what quidditch was either, but rather discovered it as Harry did.

Don’t be afraid to save cool detils for later. If anything, that’s how you keep your story fresh. Dumping it all in the beginning is useless and means you can’t really surprise the reader later with cool lore.