Ideas on a Futuristic Fantasy?

The story I’m trying to create takes place in a futuristic society but most of its ideals are shown with the spiritual aspect to it. I’m not sure what it should be categorized as, but the spirits and bonds certainly fit into a fantasy aspect, but the futuristic and modernized characters fit somewhere that isn’t fantasy. Thoughts?

Also, let’s be friends! I love the fantasy genre, so if you’re willing to share ideas somewhere else that isn’t a thread, drop my my pm’s and we can chat as much as we want!

The Fantasy genre is like a tar pit. Once a story is in fantasy, it’s pretty hard to get back out.

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It almost sounds like a cross between sci-fi and fantasy. I feel like genre doesn’t have to be so rigid. When I go to the bookstore where I live, I often find the two mixed together in the same section. And, we have stuff like urban fantasy, which so far is what impression I get as far as what you’re going for, but with a more futuristic setting. But I also feel like it depends on what you focus on in the story. Spirits & bonds and stuff does feel more fantasy, I agree. I say do what feels right for you and your story! Either way, seems like it’d be unique!

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Even a hard sf setting doesn’t preclude a robust religion. One of the best examples is Dune – although a lot of the sf of the 60s and 70s had a strong spiritual or “New Age” element to it. An interesting way to handle it might be to have different factions of characters view your spirits differently: the religious characters see it as benign possession or spirit riding or what have you; the more science-oriented ones see it as an altered state of consciousness or some sort of internal energy.

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Well there is magical realism though, although the magic is a little bit of a misnomer. As it just means exagerated real world things that flow in a bizarre subconcious way. Surrealism is also like this, but more about dreams.

One invented in Hispanic countries (magical realism), the other invented in France through Andre Breton (surrealism).

So a futuristic magical realism might not be as challenging as you might think. And surrealism, pretty much is a defining characteristic of more realistic “fantasy Cyberpunk.”

One of Gibson’s stories was marketed as scifi in Burning Chrome, but in a way it’s closer to Magical Realism/Surrealism. The one where people can shape shift, and turn into different people based on their mood. Not very scifi there.

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Thank you for your information! I actually agree with how the genre shouldn’t be so rigid! Thank you!

It really does be like that sometimes

Whoa that’s a really good idea! Thank you!

Thanks to all of you for the information!! I really appreciate it!