Ideas On Type Of Weapons Undersupplied Military Forces Would Use?

I’m thinking of potential weapons of which a military force, low on conventional supplies and fighting with their backs to the wall, would use in either urban or open field environments. I’ve been doing research on uprisings throughout history, such as the Warsaw Uprising, the British Home Guard during World War II, the Hungarian Revolutions of 1956, and modern-day insurgent tactics used in Ukraine and the Middle East.

So far, I have ideas on types of weapons that would be utilized. There are the obvious ones, such as Molotov cocktails, IEDs, and guerrilla warfare. Depending on the environment such as urban cities, anti-tank traps such as hidden pits and general height advantage against soldiers and armored vehicles can be utilized. During the Hungarian revolutions, I remember reading that people would paint plates and run wires through them to make them look like mines - and have a few real mines hidden amongst them. You can easily make chemical weapons with household materials, so I assume those would be used by an army that was desperate to stop any enemies, war crimes be damned in their eyes.

What ideas or concepts do you have for improvised weapons that an insurgency army or a military force scraping the bottom of the barrel would use?

Hm, interesting. I am no expect on anything weaponry, but just thinking about it, maybe some fireworks? Like the small ones obviously won’t do much, but the bigger ones can cause quite a bit of damage, if not as a distraction or to create some chaos.

I might include just a Hodge podge of weapons that people may have in their house (depending on how like volunteer army/underdog your story is) Like a hunting riffle or something that’s not exactly made for war? Or like archery (for sport)?

I don’t know the logistics of that, if that’s even possible. Like I said, I have no experience or knowledge with weapons.

Chemical weapons, where some knowledgeable people were involved. I t really depends upon what kind of skills, training and raw materials, are available, what any one group could or might make. Automated production only increases the amount that can be made per time interval. Not so much what. What depends on who, and skills available, and tools available. Food really isn’t grown in a cannery, and weapons are not born on the shelves of mercantile stores.
Most gun designs are designed and prototyped in home and garage shops. Most hunters can make their own slugs and pack their own rounds. Plastique is not hard to make. Homeowners with welders and even center bores are not uncommon. Its not the fifteenth century, and there are a lot of well schooled people out there

That right kids, stay in school and really pay attention and learn stuff. Its important, and puts you miles up wind In more ways than you can possibly categorize.

Repurposed or modified farming tools? Or the farming tools as they are?

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Blast/shrapnel bombs, and perhaps an improvised cannon made from a steel scaffolding pole, charged with gunpowder, and filled with small items of scrap metal such as nails. Used as a large shotgun it could be lethal.

If you have an army low on supplies, they are going to be looking at traditional weapons to support their arms. Spears, knives, crossbows, bows, would all be implemented to some degree. It depends on how much time they have to prepare, but never underestimate a well thrown rock.

I’d probably go for easily accessible weapons like the AK-47. Also, who are their allies, if they have any? If they do they will probably be supplying them weapons in some way or form.

On a freighter crossing the Pacific (carrying seven passengers) to New Zealand some time ago, I heard war stories from a man in his 60s, a professor at the Royal College of Art who’d been a Yank spotter (observer in a small aircraft) during the Vietnam war.

To avoid antiaircraft batteries, they’d been flying through a narrow gorge to approach their target areas. The biggest hazard was small arms fire. Then, on the return, the aircraft was hit hard several times by large projectiles, almost taken down. He saw Viet Cong troops manning primitive catapults, limber saplings rigged with baskets or nets filled with rocks. They’d judge the speed of the plane and release the rocks accordingly. At close range, the catapults were extremely effective weapons against a small, light aircraft.

Two other aircraft were lost there, and they stopped using it as a route.

Mujahideen in afghanistan war is using only WW1 weapons before they supplied By West

I’m a fantasy writer, so I tend to think of edged weapons, and what came to my mind were tools becoming weapons. They might not take out a tank, but there is a long history of tools becoming modified into weapons.