If favorite ships sunked



Would it be bad if the most liked character shipping didn’t sail? How would you react?


sunked ain’t a word cx


the only shipping i’ve ever cared for was FedEx, and if that ship sunk, i wouldn’t get my parcel, so i guess thats pretty bad


Well, Zutara never happened and I’m still bitter about it.




Right? I’m pretty sure they were planning to do it initially (you can see how the characters are developing chemistry pretty early on) but someone must’ve decided along the way that the main character needs to end up with the girl.


I know! It’s bugging me so much!


But that means Korra and Mako should have been end game, and look at who Korra ended up with! Katara ending with Zuko would have made the show 10x better. Not that I still didn’t love the show because Avatar was my childhood, but still!


I’ve sunk so many ships in my books and I’m proud of it.


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…it failed…i was …sad…but now i’m ok…i guess…:cry:


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I feel for you ;_;
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:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes




I’ve actually never watched Legend of Korra :joy: I don’t know why, I just never got around to do it. But I’m always like this, often the spin-offs don’t really interest me when the main story has ended. Like with Harry Potter, I grew up with the original series, but I have no interest in Fantastic Beasts.


Same actually. I never even tried to watch it or read the new books JK has coming out.