If I unpublish and delete from wattpad will traces of it remain on the internet?


I have a work that I wish to unpublish from wattpad and use elsewhere. I don’t want to link my real and wattpad identity. So, if I unpublish from wattpad, will traces of it remain on the internet? Because I don’t want it to show as plagiarized, I need to submit it in school


Once something is on the Internet, it’s on forever. Google caches pages and keeps old versions of them. So does the Wayback Machine. You’re content will be around if someone goes looking hard enough.

But all is not lost. If someone just Google’s passages from your work, it won’t come up because of the way Wattpad loads content. Wattpad doesn’t create individual pages for your work. It creates a single page and then loads the content from a server that’s not on the internet. People can still take pictures if the content is loaded, but Google can’t search the content unless one of these pictures has been taken. And Google doesn’t search these caches unless told to do so. What Wattpad does store on the internet are titles. If you don’t want your work found, change the title.

If you posted it on Wattpad and took it down, it’s still yours. You own the rights to it. If someone questions that your work shows up on a Wattpad account, you can easily prove it’s your account by logging in.


i had this fear also bc i posted a lot of my assignments for my master’s degree onto my blog and i was afraid they’d flag the plagiarism system. i also decided 2 months after starting my dissertation to start posting it to wattpad. i just asked my tutors if it was ok, and let them know that if something flagged, it was because i’d posted it elsewhere. they were fine with it. :blush:


There’s a chance there will still be links to it, but they’d be empty links, I think.


It will always be discoverable. How easy it will be to stumble across will depend on a lot of factors like whether it was linked to and whether it was picked up by the internet archive.