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You saw the title and maybe that peeked your interest enough to click that button. Welcome to If Only They Were Better where I’m offering premades that I made to try and get better for making my own covers. The only thing here are the premades.

  • Fill out the form for the premade
  • Make sure that the payment is completed once accepted
  • You have 36 hours to collect the premade. If you don’t, the premade will be converted back to its original state.
  • By collect I mean, tell me if you’re going to use it or not.
  • Credit is mandatory. It can be in the description or the first chapter.
  • What you see is what you get.
  • Use the cover for at least 48 hours once you accept it
  • If anyone chooses the ones that have more than one look to it, that is just shows the different ones that you can pick from. Should you claim it, the design with them will also be taken down.
  • When I change the title, one of the things I can do is change the font if you have one in mind. The images below show my poorer than poor ability to do fonts.
  • Comments should at least appear like you got at least one word out of the story and not like random guesses. (They might be premades that suck but they deserve at least a little respect for the time spent on them)
  • I will only accept one order at a time from the same user. If you do seek more than one cover, the payment will continue onto the next chapter of the book you already commented on or in the other book I have listed.
  • Be respectful and have fun!

Premade Name:
New Title:
Is the book published:

Payment: ( Aesthetic/Author Notes do not count. I accept only comments on the first chapter or onward. Comments should be spread through-out the chapter)

The queue will show who requested a premade and how soon I will be getting to them. Premades will usually arrive 1-3 hours after the payment is done or if the payment is done when I’m not one, no more than 24 hours.


Open: Empty at the moment


Batch of Premade’s


Another version of Disappearing: One Two

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You’re covers are amazing. :heart_eyes: I’m trying to make a cover for a Marvel fanfic I’m currently writing. Do you have any suggestions on good apps or websites I could use for this? (Preferably free.)

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Thank you :blush:

To make the cover itself I’ve switched between PosterMyWall and PicsArt. I used to use Desygner for covers. I usually find my images off of Unsplash unless it’s a model then I just take a image off the web and go from there.


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and clam a spot towards the top in case I have other craddy premades to put up.

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[quote=“StoryWritersNeverLie, post:1, topic:171974”]
Premade Name/letter: harvest moon
New Title: Royal Blood
*Author: Vaishnavee, Umayal
Is the book published: No…
Extra: don’t write the name of the authors…
and thanks!

Accepted. Go ahead and complete the payment and I’ll have the changes made here soon.

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payment complete

I only see one comment (end of the review). My payment for that story is:

That means there are still between 4-7 comments owed.

Comments should also be spread throughout the chapter.

ohhh okay got it!

posted four more :slight_smile:

Deliver: Royal Blood

Hope you enjoy and remember that credit is mandatory and that the graphic should be used for at least 48 hours.

Got a few new premades up (Batch 3) should’ve been writing but I did this instead. I’ve been trying to find ways to improve. Maybe I will. Hope ya’ll enjoy.

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Got batch 4 of premades out and I rather like them, though the fonts could use some changing.Still don’t know what I’m doing but I feel like I’m making them look a little pretty. :joy::blush:

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Premade Name: Tear Drops
Batch #: 4
New Title: The man with the red gloved
*Author: Vaishnavee, Vanditha
Is the book published: no
Extra: nothing else but thanks :blush:

Love it thank you

Premade Name: Flying High
Batch #: 3
New Title: Flames
*Author: Vaishnavee
Is the book published: no.
Extra: thank u very much