if you don't win the wattys

can i still apply to other places on wattpad?

Yes. Not winning the Watty’s doesn’t make any impact on other programs the site offers.


what other programs? like the wattpad books thing and stuff?

Well, anything you’d do otherwise.

You can still apply to Paid and Editor’s Choice. You could still get invited to stars, studios, or books.

It doesn’t adversely affect you if you don’t win. Heck, there so many entries, so you shouldn’t even feel bad if you don’t win.


Can you send me the link to the paid stories application?

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I’ll try to find the post here that has it linked. Hold on a minute.

This should be the post. If you need anything more specific, let me know.

Ps. The form for promotion and paid is the same. It’s like one mega form.

no sorry my question had nothing to do with Watty’s I was just wondering what other programs you can submit your stories to

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Oh, well then. The only ones I know of that you can submit to (the other ones are invite only) are paid and Editor’s Choice. The form for that is included in Nick’s post linked above.

just did it lol, thanks for telling me about this! I have really been trying to network my story out there as much as possible, I really appreciate the tip!

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No problem! I’m glad to help.

Yeah like my book’s done and it’s part 1 of a series.

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Those are welcome in Editor’s Choice and Paid. Is that what you’re saying or…?

yeah im just hoping i win the wattys because id like to publish my book through wattpad.