If you got a new account name when you logged in



Continuing the discussion from Single Sign-on:

The integrated login should find any account you created here with the same email address you used on the main site. If you ended up with a new account here after single-sign-on, it likely means you used a different email address here.

If you update your email address on the main site to match what you used here, your next login may just fix the problem. If it doesn’t, we can delete the new account here and it should fix the problem the next time you log in.

Reply here if you need help with it.

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This is one of our moderators Chris ^^


@SummahRocks: try again now


I logged in an got the username “gnossienne1.” This isn’t even my Wattpad username which is
-Gnossienne-. So confused, do not enjoy this number :frowning:


Ah, welcome fellow confused 1. I also want this 1 off my name…


@gnossienne1: The email you are using on the other account starts with the letter g. Update your Wattpad profile to match, I’ll delete the @gnossienne1 account, and you should be reconnected with @Gnossienne

(I originally said this to @astrophile – it was a mistake. Too many tabs open.)


@absentminded_artist1: the dots in gmail addresses aren’t actually part of your email address. Gmail strips them out when delivering mail. abc@gmail, ab.c@gmail, a.bc@gmail, and a.b.c@gmail are all the same address.

I’ll update your other account and delete this one. You’ll likely get a verify-your-address email from wattpadwriters.com. You’ll have to click the link before you’ll be able to get back in.

@astrophile, @ReemAlshami1: same deal with you


Actually, @ReemAlshami1, I see you have already created 65 posts on the new account. I can only fix this by deleting the new account, which means deleting all of those posts. Do you want me to go ahead?


@astrophile: I tried to fix your account a couple of times, but it looks like you might actually be online, because it keeps getting recreated before I can finish. As it turns out, you can actually solve your email situation directly. Update your wattpad email to remove the dot and it will match what you used for @Lumi


@absentminded_artist: you should be good to go


You didn’t use a dot here. If you update wattpad to not include the dot, it will accept it and then the two accounts will match.


Gmail strips the dots out when delivering mail. abc@gmail, ab.c@gmail, a.bc@gmail, and a.b.c@gmail are all the same address.


yup. now i’m galaxies. dang. my new nickname is gaxi, tho.


and my username is galaxies–.


Mine was just a email glitch switched it out and worked again :slight_smile: thank you @cpoirier

At the Síbín

i use the same email, main and the one i use to login here

yet, idk how or why…it seems doubled? or separated? idk


@cpoirier I have a message from @Gnossienne She can’t log in at all now and gets that classic login error message:

Yep, I did that
It was after I updated the profile that I got the login error


This is @Lumi from a group account.

So… I tried changing my Wattpad email to match my old forum email.

Still not getting the verification email, though.

Now, I can’t post in either the old clubs or the new clubs.

“You will have to verify your email address before you can sign into the forums.”

What do I do now?


Posting on here for @astrophile (their user on here is @Lumi), they sent me a PM on Wattpad saying:

So, I was able to sync up my emails but the system’s telling me:
“There is a problem with your account. Please contact the site’s administrator.”