If you got a new account name when you logged in



@xkaydotx @cpoirier Hey, thanks a bunch! Glad to be back :calmwolf:

@dumdumpops4 You’re a dear to offer to help, but we got it fixed :slight_smile:



After finally getting the confirmation email that I had switched email accounts, I went to login on here, hoping to get my old account back that I used during the Betas. However, after checking I was logged in on Wattpad, when I tried to log in on Communities, this happened:

"Login error

There is a problem with your account. Contact the admin of the site."

Now, I tried to log in several more times, and failed. I then switched back to this account on WP and relogged - and this time it did work. Is my old account bugged?
(The account I originally used, @JaneTheFox, was lost when the new account name thing happened. Due to bugs I could never switch my email, until now. And even now it seems to have failed)


Hey, that’s what i had, lol. I’m sure @cpoirier can help you like he helped me :calmwolf:


@nyctoi: I changed your Wattpad account instead. Try now. Let me know when you are done so I can change your Wattpad account back.


@FireAlwaysReturns: What account is having the problem? @JaneTheFox? The Wattpad JaneTheFox profile looks empty…


The Wattpad profile is JaneTheFirefox. I finally had the chance to use the name I wanted on the betas


@FireAlwaysReturns Try now. It should link the accounts, but the name will be updated to JaneTheFirefox


I can confirm that it works. Thank you ^-^


No problem. Glad it’s fixed. :slight_smile:

Count to xxx before a mod posts Vol 5


thank you so much!


@iliveintheclouds, @iliveintheclouds1: the email address you signed up with here matches a different Wattpad account, which makes things a bit more difficult. PM me with the details and I’ll see what I can do.


@ineffabley1: Unfortunately, the email address you used on @ineffabley is actually used on a different Wattpad account. If you want me to swap the email addresses, PM me on Wattpad from both accounts asking me to do so.


PM me on the main site, once from each account (so I can be sure both are actually yours). That’s where I’ll have to swap the addresses. Then I’ll delete @ineffabley1 here, and you should be able to link the two accounts.


Replied by PM


@ineffabley: Try now. Let me know when you get in, so I can swap the addresses back.


So I’ve checked, and both the email I’ve used for Community and on the main site are the same. Is there anything else I should be trying?


@MistressOP: I’ve changed your Wattpad account to match what you used here. Try now, and let me know when you get in, so I can change your Wattpad account back.


@wishuponajinni1: The email address you used on @wishuponajinni is associated with another Wattpad account. If you want, I can swap the addresses so you can link them with the current names. If you want me to do so, send me a PM on the main site from both accounts, so I know they are both yours.