If you got a new account name when you logged in



@iliveintheclouds1: Yes, PM me from both accounts on the main site (so I know they are both yours) and I’ll swap the email addresses, then delete the extra account here. After that, you should be able to link the accounts properly.


ok it looks like it combine the email is wrong for the account it doesn’t match do I need to change it to the tokiespopoola@gmail.com?


@MistressOP: It looks to me like the accounts are linked properly now. I’ll change the email address back on your Wattpad account, and it should just update here.


Will do! (I’d forgotten I had another account, haha.)


I think it’s fixed?


So I had another account on the email that this got changed to… Will I still be able to access it?


ok thank you


@AllThingsPi: I’ve changed your Wattpad account back to the old address. Log out here, then log back in and it should pick up the change. After that, I think you’ll be able to use the other account, too.


@golfballshifter: I’ve changed the email address on your Wattpad account to match what you used here. Try now. Let me know when you in so I can change your Wattpad account back.


@Im-Natsumi: Try now.


@SlaySerene: Try now.


Worked your an life saver


Thank you!


Thanks a million! I’m in now.


@golfballshifter: I’ve changed your Wattpad email back to what it was. Log out here and log in again to be sure everything is working.


@agatharoza1: the email address you used for @agatharoza is used for a different Wattpad account. I can swap the email addresses, if you want, which should let you link up properly here. Let me know.


Yeah my wattpad account name is @bikramjeet but on this site it is @_bikramjeet
Can you fix this?


@_bikramjeet: Doesn’t look like Discourse will allow addresses that start and end in underscores. Sorry. :frowning:


@sara91helal: Try now.