If you got a new account name when you logged in



Yes. Thank you! :slight_smile:


@cpoirier Hi, my email is the same on both accounts, but my username hasn’t been updated. I had underscores on either side of my username (I’m not sure if that’s an allowed format).


@_Void Hey there :slight_smile:

Can you please read post #280, where Chris has replied about the same to someone -


Ok no problem, I just wasn’t sure if it was an issue with the username or how it was formatted. Thanks for clearing that up! @Nablai


@_Void My pleasure :slight_smile: Glad this helps =]


Hi can someone help me figure out why theres a 1 at the end of my username?


@cpoirier Hi there,

As you can tell we’ve got the number 1 besides our user too, can you help us out?


So … Are we going to have nicknames here too or am I stuck with shaded98 as the name people call me by, cause I’d really like that to NOT be the case.


@SWKata: try now


@tifftheawesome1: the email you used here is associated with a different account on Wattpad. I can swap the emails if you like, so the accounts will link the way you want. If you want to do that, send me a PM on the main site from both accounts (so I can be sure they are both yours).


@Ambassadors1: I suspect it is because there is a group here named “Ambassadors”, and Discourse considers group and user names to come from the same set. :frowning:

When will the SYS refresh?

Why don’t you make it so we can put our own names like on wattpad?


Do you mean your display name, instead of your username? The forums currently pull your username from Wattpad the same way they did on the clubs.


That doesn’t make sense tho because I didnt put this picture as my profile picture. Its the wattpad one i use on my wattpad account. So howd it get the picture?


Yeah and I was wondering why we cant just choose our own names to display; it should make this a lot easier.


Your account here and your wattpad account are linked. So whatever your username + profile picture is there, it will be the same here :smile:


Hi there :smiley:
So my username is @/conceal- but this username doesn’t have the dash. I’m not sure if that makes a difference, but I don’t think my accounts are linked, regardless of the username. Both my emails are the same on here and Wattpad. I read on a post that dashes are not shown in the username on Discourse, or something along the lines of that, so could that be the problem? Thank you :slight_smile:


@conceal You’re accounts are linked. Discourse has different rules about acceptable names, though, which is why the difference.


@BornToWrite47: I’ve changed your Wattpad account to use the email you used here. Log in again and it should link the accounts. Let me know when you are done so I can switch the email address back.


Ah I see, thank you for letting me know :grin: