If you got a new account name when you logged in




is it not possible to update the gmail here of this account?


@artycer1: The address you used here is different from the address you used on the main site. I can update it, if you want, which should let the accounts link up. Let me know.


@artycer: Try logging in now. Let me know when you are in so I can change the email back.


@FearHuntress: Try now. Let me know when you’re in and I’ll swap them back.


@astrxphoria: I switched it back on the main site. Try now.


do you mean ‘log out and log back in on here’?


@astrxphoria Yes


it worked - thanks >~<


Yep. Looks good now. I’ve got my moderating tools back! Thank you!


Giving this a bump for @Ellen_Reese1 When you get a chance @cpoirier They need their account fixed.


Done now.


@HicksScribbles Try now.


@cpoirier That worked! Thank you so much!


I logged in on my new device but it gave me a new account (This is my normal one) since my emails were different. I fixed my email on wattpad to match here but now when I try to log in it says “There is a problem with your account. Please contact the site’s administrator.”


@cpoirier ^^ :slight_smile:


What’s the account?


I can’t get into the other one now either but it was TheDeadPlace1.


My issue:

I have two Wattpad accounts. One is shared (StorytimeOnline1) and one is unshared (miramallows).

I’m an ambassador as miramallows, but when I joined Community I used the email of StoryTimeOnline’s Wattpad account and made the username to miramallows on here.

When Community got launched, this username became StorytimeOnline1 as it was linked to StoryTimeOnline Wattpad Account, but it kept having the ambassadors badge, so I decided to switch my emails (swap accounts’ emails) so that I wouldn’t have to bother CAs :joy: but that didn’t work :frowning_face: the issue now, is that even though this account’s email is now the same as my Wattpad account @miramallows’ email, it’s still not showing my actual username and stuff. :worried:

Anyway, can someone change this username to miramallows now, and change back @miramallows’ username to StorytimeOnline? :hushed: that would be great. :3

Thanks a lot ~



@TheDeadPlace: try now


It works now! Thank you :slight_smile: