If you got a new account name when you logged in



It’s still working fine! Looks like you fixed it. Thanks so much.


Hi! So, I have an account on here, it was made under a different email address. I changed my email address on my main account, but this account is still linked to the old one. Now, I can’t access this account on my cell phone. It comes up as a different address. Is there a way to link this account to my new address? The old email is from when I was like 16 and I don’t remember it :upside_down_face:


@cpoirier ^^


@ificarediwouldtellu I’m not clear on what the situation is. What account are you trying to log in from? What happens when you do?


Hi! So I have this account @ificarediwouldtellu. This is my original account. Apparently, this particular account did not link to my main when I changed the email for my main account. The one for this one is met*********ss@gmail.com. I made that email when I was 16, I don’t remember the password and can’t get in anymore. So, I changed my main account to be linked to a different email, joh******99@gmail.com. Now though, when I log on anywhere, but google chrome on my laptop, community brings me to a new account @frjohnson which links to my new email and username. But, I want to keep this account! I have gained a lot of privileges on here and I have a really big on-going topic that I can’t access anywhere else. What I’m asking is if it is possible to sync this @ificarediwouldtellu account back to my main so the emails match. Then delete the @frjohnson account, so that I can log into this one on other devices. Thank you! I hope that makes some sense :smiley:


@ificarediwouldtellu Okay, I’ve deleted the duplicate account and (temporarily) switched your main email back to the old address. Log in here and the accounts should link up. Then we can switch your email address back to the new one and it should keep working. Let me know when you are back in.


I am back in!


Great! Everything looks good on my end. You’ll need to log in again on Chrome (if you haven’t already), but I’m not expecting any further problems.


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Is this the reason my username has a 1 after it? (I did check, and both account seem to have the same email)


Can you please help, Chris @cpoirier ? Thanks =]




it seems to be ded tho


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@astrxphoria I believe that the Wattpad staff are on holidays atm. That’s why response is slow. I’d suggest waiting till New Year. Have tagged Chris. He will definitely respond. Count on that :slight_smile:
All I ask is a little patience and understanding, my friend. Thanks =]


Sorry, folks, I haven’t been monitoring this thread in a while. I’ll look into the problems now.


@RileyKifer Try now. Message me on the main site if you have problems.


@VJParke I’ve changed your email on the main site and deleted the duplicate account here. Try logging in. I can change your email back after. Message me on the main site and let me know.


Wyspers: you’ve used your email address on multiple accounts, so I can’t fix up the accounts. Message me on the main site and I’ll see if we can figure out a solution.


If you run into these problems, message me on the main site. I’m not monitoring this thread any more.

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