If you got a new account name when you logged in



Monday, still lurking as miuna on this forum… :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t mind recollecting badges but I still prefer this account to be renamed as ‘arrietty-noel’


I have good news! You’re not going to lose your badges when we make the change. You shouldn’t notice any difference at all.

I hope that helps!
Katherine :katherinearlene:


Will this account be linked to @/arrietty-noel on the main site then?


If you’re trying to change from this account to one that’s linked to your main Wattpad account, then what this account has done will disappear. However, if you had gained badges with your main Wattpad account before you were switched to this account, then those will be returned to you.

I hope that’s not too confusing. :see_no_evil:


Not confusing at all.

This account was not linked to either of my wattpad accounts at the time I created it. Will I be able to keep it unlinked from both of my main site accounts?


Is the email you used to create this account the same one you have on your Wattpad account? If it is, you’ll retain this account, but your username will be changed to your Wattpad username


You’ll only be connected to one Wattpad account, not both


Love your new personalized emoji, Katherine :katherinearlene:. It’s so cute :heart:


@KatherineArlene I’m kind of confused with what this linking between this and my wattpad account as I don’t have the same username here as I do on wattpad. Does that make a difference or is it based off the email each account uses?

Edited Oh, woah! I just logged out and logged back in and now I’m my wattpad user lol I guess I answered my own question, sorry!!


Thank you. :katherinearlene:


LOL Yes, that’s how it works. Welcome, you!


The email for this account matches my alt wattpad account and the user changed from @/arrietty-noel to @miuna.

Will I still lose my badges if I changed the email on this account to match my main account?


I honestly don’t think so :slight_smile:


Hm… I think I need to deactivate one of my wattpad accounts before I can switch emails.

i guess i’ll be closing my main account for a few hours.


[Hugs] :hugs: We’ll be waiting for you =]


Whatever account shares the email address you have here will be the one you link to. Just make sure you are logged into that account on your device or pc, before you log back in here.


Well I tried again and I can log in, although now I’m “gnossienne2” :joy:


@miuna: For now, don’t do anything. I was unable to get to the database today, due to some higher priority stuff, but it’s still on my list of things to do. For now, just use the account as is.


I can’t get my acc to integrate I tried everything

I’m still on the beta acc, everytime I log in it gets me to the beta acc

Also how do I hide my email?