If you got a new account name when you logged in



omg thank you so much! I have windows7 but I hope it will work! I’ll try it out now


The pleasure’s all mine =]


My name is patriciaelliott8 on Wattpad, but here it added a 1 to it?


Hey boss, I’m here as sam_le_fou1 which, well, is not my username in wattpad. Any chance I cam change it to sam_le_fou like my wattpad user?


Semi-related: Since we knew that these new communities will be integrated, are there currently plans to have the same themes on the main site?

I can’t expect perfecting matching, as I have very specific CSS needs.


@chris.poirier Can you please help ^^, Chris?


Hey everyone! Chris will be back either Monday, or shortly later if he’s not done with the other project he’s working on. But he will resolve your account issues when he get’s here.

Thanks for your patience

Katherine - Community Ambassador :katherinearlene:


Was it wrong of me to tag Chris for help, Katherine @KatherineArlene? I knew that he’s offline. Sunday’s a holiday for everyone.


He’ll be heading back here to help people everyone when he comes back. There’s no need to tag him. :katherinearlene:


Okay. Thanks =]


Hello? Anyone still here taking issues?


Hey there :slight_smile:

Please have a look at what Katherine posted-

I’m sure that Chris will be here as soon as possible :slight_smile: Can you please wait until Chris gets back?:slight_smile:

Cheers, Nab =]


Sorry, everyone. I forgot to check in on this thread this week, as I was working on other problems. I’ll look into the latest batch shortly. Thanks for your patience.


@PatriciaElliott81: Try logging out an logging in again. It might fix the problem. If not, I’ll have to try something a bit more involved.


@AllThingsPi: You should receive an email asking you to confirm your address. Do so, then log in again and it should work.


@Sam_le_fou1: Next time you log in the name should get fixed. Let me know if it doesn’t.


@nyctoi: You should receive an email asking you to verify your address. Do so, then log in again and it should work.


Fixed! Thanks!


@blue_jay @blue_jay1

He needs fixing too, he’ll be here eventually. I’m not sure which one he wants to keep so… yeah.

EDIT: He’s now locked out of forums, I I’ll be acting on behalf of him by relaying his messages with screenshots.


He has said which account he wants to keep.


Hi! Like what the title says, I got a new account when I logged in again.