If you have the Clubs theme, you might notice a bunch of changes...


I’m working quick as I can to get this back to normal but it’s almost sundown and I’m hungry…be back soon!


It’s making me laugh xD


gasp how dare you not starve yourself to death and be a slave to these clubs forever and ever!


Agree with @Prisim, Lauren :slight_smile: You matter to us. Please don’t starve yourself 'coz of this stuff… It’s an ongoing process. As this is a beta site, there’ll always be something to fix, to change.

We need you healthy [well-fed] and happy, Lauren :slight_smile:

Take care =]


Update on the theme changes…

This is my mobile view now, it looks kinda messy.



Those are both mobile view.

This is desktop view.


I’m an iOS user and on safari.