If you’re an editor, how did you become one?


Title says it all


because the other members of our small indi comic group were too lazy :expressionless:


My editor got her publishing diploma from an accredited university. She has worked with some major publishers and currently works for one of the Big 5.


My editor started at the bottom with one of the big publishers, and then worked her way up as she learned. Basically, she apprenticed. I’m not sure there’s any other way for a fiction editor.


She has a publishing diploma from Ryerson University - a major university in Canada. I’m sure there are others out there although I haven’t checked.

When I first started working with her, I asked. That’s how I know.


I’d be curious if they taught her developmental editing for fiction or if they focused on copy editing and line editing. It’s developmental editing that I believe is best learned as an apprentice.


Looks like they have one 200-level course that includes substantive editing. Still, that’s more than most universities. Overall this is a nice certificate program.



I know of some editors who actually did a masters degree on Translation. But that might only be a thing outside of the English speaking world.


She loved it. I actually recommended the program to a writer friend of mine and she’s doing it now. She’s plans to get into copy editing with writing on the side.

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Do you have to go to university to become an editor? If so, I may be in trouble, as I want to become an editor in the future but am not fit for uni.


I’m not sure how much this’ll help but I did work experience in Editorial at PRH (UK) and they told me you don’t need a degree to be an Editor - the way it worked in the department I was in (tiered) is Editorial Assistant is the more admin-y one, then you work up to Assistant Editor and finally Editor. It’s pretty competitive but the idea I came away with was that PRH in general doesn’t require degrees :slightly_smiling_face:


I expect that’s going to be the way of it even with a degree in most places – you start at the very bottom and work your way up.


Huh, that’s quite neat. Well, with luck, I’ll get a B on my CAE, and that’ll count towards something. It’s higher than the online degrees I can get.


I posted on Facebook that I could edit books for any of the hundreds of authors I have as friends.


For free or payment?


Payment, lol


Ah, makes sense


Where did you learn to edit? What kind of editing are you offering?


Has this worked for you? I’m looking into possibly starting a Patreon for editing/critique services.


It has worked for me. You can get a lot of opportunities just by asking.