If you want a serious challenge to creating fantastic science fiction...?

Try creating story lines based on this laundry list of scientifically plausible timelines.

Reading this last night gave my plot bunnies a serious run for their money.

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Hmmph, they’re still assuming only 10% velocity? But there is no air resistance, so what’s the real reason that’s holding it back.

Engineering, that’s what. Speed of sound was an engineering barrier, now they have hypersonic craft. I don’t believe anybody when they say certain engineering things are impossible.

Some of these predictions though, to me frank … I don’t even care. I only care about human and biological lifetimes.

There’s plenty of that in there. :slight_smile:
You can pick something from the human time line and try your hand at it. Go nuts.

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I do have certain things that spark the imagination. I have this difficult time imagining it doesn’t hurt others imagination either.

THe milky way bit is great. Hello, Space Opera!

hahaha…or it could be a re-imagining of Blade Runner. Look how far they took The Time Machine: And that was done in the late 1800s.

Just that first timeline section blew a lot of my Sci-Fi ideas to pieces.
And the Particle Physics section at the end? HOW THE HECK DO WE KNOW THIS STUFF?!
I know it’s a theory, but still.

As far as I’m concerned, things beyond human scale … honestly just don’t matter. I barely care anything anything 1,000 years from now.

It also assumes a lot of factors, that could change at any moment.

I have this same issue with people that promote absolutes, rather then mentioning the common theories, and the exceptions.

I want to know about the exceptions. If there are not, they haven’t done their homework.

It’s based on theoretical models of the known universe that were done over the past 20-30 years.

Gotta give physicists serious props for spending time and mapping out the very end of the universe and reality. That would be cool to read. :smiley: