If you were writing your first ever story today, what advice would you give yourself?

As the title says. What advice would you give lil’ old you if you were starting your very first story right now?

You think you do, but you don’t understand how dialogue tags work. Research that first before starting. :’)


Relatable lol

I only started writing my first book in Dec, and even though all the research that I need is with my 24/7 you do underestimate how much it takes when you are wanting your characters to go to a certain place/appointment that you may have never been to.

For example, my MC Cierra has epilepsy, something that I live with every single day of my life and like me her medication doesn’t work and is still causing her to have seizures. However, as I don’t know what my seizures are like, because I’m out of it completely I’m guessing as I write down how she takes her seizures.

Don’t abuse that thesaurus.

Check if the story is actually logical.

Refrain from making characters that are self-inserts or Mary Sues.

If you’re cringing while reading your own work, you’re doing it wrong.

Also, do a lot of research.


haha yes. I am rewriting my first book now and wow the plot was an illogical mess.

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You’re rewriting as well? I’m also rewriting (not my first book but part of a trilogy)

If only I wasn’t so quick to publish

I did not come here to be attacked like this. :joy:


Yup! I started it a while back and took a long hiatus off wattpad and came back and started writing it again. I am CRINGING at the plot. GAh.

Right! I can’t people actully read and liked that garbage lol


Oof, those dialogue tags. I still like to use them but all my lecturers tell me no :sob:

‘Goodbye,’ she sobbed, vowing to never edit her old Wattpad novels for fear of what she’d find.


I wouldn’t say that in general. There are a lot situations where I, Nym, the author, cringed, because my characters are either assholes or something weird or even cruel happened writing a scene. I wouldn’t do half the stuff they do some days, and second hand embarrasment is a thing, lol. On the other hand, if you are READING a scene or even try to read it out loud and you cringe because it is confusing or ‘stupid’ (whatever your perception of the quality and the writing mean with that term), then I agree.

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Make sure your story is interesting enough and edit it properly.

English is my second language and years ago, some mistakes were left unnoticed by me and it had an impact on my writing style… without making it like a bad grammar story.

If that makes sense.


Yes. A thousand times yes. But to be fair that is still a pickle now some days, old me at least was consistent in the errors :joy: :joy:

You’re writing a book, not a nature documentary. Give your MC an overarching goal so the story will feel more cohesive.


Editing and proofreading NEVER stops.

Mine too! If you don’t mind asking, how long do you write in it and what is your native language?

I now want to write a short story where the MC’s life is filled with tropes and cliches of the respected genre (without any real arc or plot behind it) and the whole story is narrated like a doc with David Attenborough.

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I’ve been writing in English for the past 6 years, I believe. The first story being written in 2014.

My first language is French.

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That is amazing! I started writing in 2018, so you got a few more years of experience. Do you find it easier to write in english than in french. Would you say it is just something to get used to?

I learned french in school, but I won’t dare to say I am still fluent.

write first and then youve got a decent amount of chapters, start publishing

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Oh no, it’s easier for me to write in French. Years ago, I used another platform to share my works.

On WP, I prefer to write in English because it’s the best way to reach out to more people.