If your character was a writer, what would they write about?

Say your character were to tell a story. Would they write a memoir or autobiography? Would they write sci-fi, fantasy, or romance? Every well-built character is unique, with. A one-of-a-kind outlook on the world. So what would they choose to share?

Her story, just like her creator :joy::joy::joy:


She’d write a poetry book.

He’d write horror stories.

poems, motivating and relaxing - unlike her stories.

James would probably write a humorous guide on how to finance and grow one’s own business, cause it’s his natural interests and he doesn’t see the point in being overly serious about it.
Liberty would probably write a fiction book…in romance/general life because those are the books she reads the most of.

Amneris’ book would be called something along the lines of “How The Gods F*ed Up My Life”. Then the entire book would turn into a rant

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That sounds like something Percy Jackson would do too. I love stories where the all-powerful deities are just petty shits

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Lindy would write an enclyopedia of medicine

Maya would write poetry to deal with her emotions.

I think my character, Erin, would write about fantasy, and it would probably contain all sorts of creatures and people.

Evinan would write a book on politics and how pretty much everyone except herself is stupid.

She’ll probably write about how much she hates the universe and her father in any way she can.

My protagonist in my newest novel is actually a part-time writer. She writes about mysterious and dubious incidents, as well as horror stories.

My main character, Mallory, would express her feelings and the experiences she had through poems or songs.

My character would write about murder…

Leon will write about…whatever.

Mimi will write about her travels and all the landmarks she has visited.

Neil will write about his hobby.

Lyn will write about nature and the amazing people she has met in her life.

Julie would attempt to string a few sentences together, then draw herself a comic strip

Daniel would write sci-fi- most likely involving aliens and the most random things he can find

Katie… she’s more likely to write fantasy than the rest, though writing about about magic is kind of pointless when you are magic. Dragons, maybe?

The Shade- A diary

Cain: Probably a survival guide for immortals to read. So, that if they ever get stuck in a situation where they’re screwed regardless if they cannot die, then they will know what to do.

Arcadia: How to challenge a tyrannical monarch and destroy an empire? Along with, how to survive the world’s deadliest places?

Reuben: A dragon handbook. That lists all the species of dragon he finds, their strengths, weaknesses, what they like, what they dislike, what they look like, pretty much everything you need to be a great dragon healer like he is

Raven: probably a diary about her life as a princess as her own way to vent/release her feelings. Also a way to entertain herself

Aurora: A book of all the new laws/rules she wants to implement when she conquers the kingdom

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