If your character were to write a bio, what would it say?

I find this question especially interesting, because a good, fleshed out character is dimensional. While we know our characters best, of course, what would they say if you asked them to write a bio about themselves? You might know they’re secretly confident, but do they tell the world they’re shy? This is a good way way to make sure a protagonists voice matches them!

That’s interesting. The closest I have to that is my character outlining sheet ewhich includes a few spoilers.

Nickname. Lulu (what she prefers to be called)

Age. forever 17

Gender. Female

Occupation. Currently running a gore-inspired pastry shop. Customers are restricted to the undead.

Personality. Cold, sensitive, naive, selfish, impulsive, forgetful, cunning, blunt.

Strengths. Stubborn, resilient, determination to grow stronger, chooses her ‘friends’ wisely based on abilities and aspects, stellar at baking.

Weaknesses. Anything related to junk food, topics related to her family, using others to her benefit w/o considering how it distances herself from her connections, self-doubt, violence, losing control of her body when defenseless because of the parasite keeping her ‘alive’, runs away from her problems instead of fixing them.

Short Term Goals. To find and confront her brother Jack, not dying, running her business, helping out others in her situation.

Long Term Goals. As she’s currently undead, she can’t think of anything else to live for other than finding her brother.

External Motivation and Conflict. She wants to combine her passion for pastries with zombies’ overall inevitable desire for human flesh.

Internal Motivation and Conflict. Lulu wants to understand why her brother left her to die during a zombie apocalypse. She’s desperate to hear his words, because deep down she wants to believe her memory was mistaken. The bigger her company gets, the harder Jack is to find. This sends her into a spiral of doubt and despair of what she really meant to him, and what she would do if and when they met again.

Bio. For most of her life, Lulu and her family lived in Doylestown, PA. They were a close-knit unit until her parents began to act strangely after she turned fourteen. They kept her and her brother Jack isolated and away from the media, growing anxious with every passing day. Months passed with her parents sneaking out at night and returning home exhausted and terrified until Jack grew sick of it. He convinced his sister they were insane and that she and him should run away.

After a successful escape one night, Lulu and Jack discovered how wrong they were. It turned out their parents were protecting them from a world gone mad instead. Walking corpses and savages ran amok outside the safety of their home. Lulu, wanting to see their parents, ran back to find their home in flames.

Jack swore to protect his sister the next day when they found their mother and father’s corpses amidst the ashes. Unfortunately, Jack wasn’t as family-oriented as Lulu believed. Over the next two years, the orphaned siblings did everything they could to survive, even if some actions were against the crumbling law.

Jack was exhausted. From protecting his junk-food-crazed sister from the dead and the living to sleeping with his eyes open, the young adult could never catch a break. In an attempt fo relieve himself from responsibilities, gave Lulu to the group of zombies surrounding them one morning.

Lulu should’ve died. She didn’t. Instead, she was now one of the undead and was hellbent on getting some answers. While she adapts to her new ‘life’, the sweettoothed zombie searches for Jack while somehow


deciding to start a bakery dedicated to the gratefully undead. Thanks to Mary’s wise words and Lulu’s junk food addiction, she was inspired.

However, any ol’ zombie couldn’t just run a business. So her companions showed her the ropes for where to start. Specifically, C-TAC, aka Career Training and Assistance Center. There, zombies, actually referred to as mortem, can complete the training necessary to work in the field(s) they were interested in. While attending
the program, Lulu searched the area for a decent workplace.

But the more she searched the more she lost sight of what she originally wanted to find. Jack. Despite her memories fading away, Lulu was beginning to find her place in the mortem world. She ate the savage meat Wastia and Styke shared, kept track on her entrepreneurship journey and grew closer to her buddies. In exchange, her brother and his sins were all but forgotten. Deep down, she see-sawed between wanting to see him again and not wanting to see his disappointed expression, whether it be from her own actions or the fact that she was a mortem. She didn’t mind if he disappeared for a little while. Or at least that’s what she convinced herself of.

For the next few months, Lulu found a small shop available for rent. Luckily she’d managed to save up a few keys(Mortem currency) from part time jobs here and there. Excited yet terrified, she looked into the area and put more time into her studies until finally, she’d earned her certification.

Lulu and the others were proud. She was finally making her mark as a mortem and made even more friends along the way. She still worried for her brother, but figured they’d never see each other again anyways. He wouldn’t want to, at least. So, she went forward with her plan and gave samples of her grotesque creations to the public. It was more or less a success, if only to the freshly-turned. They peeked in her shop while it was in progress, and lined up after it had its grand opening.

The plan was perfect―pay the butcher for savage-only meat to use as ingredients so the customers don’t feel guilty, and dose the sins in sugary goodness just as she had. Though she’d gotten criticism, they fired her up to do better.

Unfortunately, that’s the end of this bio to avoid spoiling the fun even more. c:


Siobhan wouldn’t write a bio. She’d call me a moron and go have a drink. :laughing:


OH!!! This is good.

I’m at the very beginning stages of fleshing out these characters but they’re from a story I’m working on about time-travelers. There’s a group searching for time-travelers like her so I’m writing it like it’s their file on her.

Claire Barnes has over two decades of experience existing four minutes in the future. She is part of a symmetrical pair with Smith Comano [file located here]. Her powers were discovered through Agent Reys in 2003 after being informed of a rogue time coven operating in Indiana under the guise of a summer camp run by known power offender Marvin Dorsey [file located here]. After disbanding the group, Barnes was brought in and questioned. At that time, she refused any knowledge of symmetrical pairs or the prophecy.

Barnes has two parents and a sister–all confirmed as powerless, therefore lineage veracity unconfirmed, supporting belief that REDACTED. Described by classmates as clumsy and apt to day dream–both traits typical of futures.

Excellent fighting skills, trained in hand-to-hand combat by Dorsey. Fourteen known kills while working under Dorsey. No known apprehensions toward killing time aggressors.

Relationship with Smith Comano: Involved in a romantic relationship for seven years. Unaware of past lives. Unaware of REDACTED. Unaware of prophecy. Broken up successfully through REDACTED though agents should stay vigilant should one try to contact the other. Neither one has had a relationship on record since their breakup.

WARNING: If in physical proximity with each other, both Barnes and Comano are considered extremely dangerous. All time-travelers currently out of sync are at risk. Do not attempt to harm either until they have been moved off dimension. While separated, both are harmless to the stability of time.

Supplemental information: No pets, children, or significant other. Heterosexual, white. Lives with best friend and confirmed oracle Mimi Robanc [file located here], works as a bounty hunter for OOT. No known chemical dependencies. Unknown current status of knowledge pertaining to symmetrical pairs or prophecy.


Oh this story sounds amazing and seems so fleshed out! Well done :smiley: I love the concept of the story . . . Let me know whenever this story goes live :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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it’s live! https://www.wattpad.com/story/145173820-the-time-expats

Whew! Thanks for this post, I just added my ‘bio’ to my book as a sort of prologue <3 @Makaylasophia

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This is really good :slight_smile:Will definitely check it out, Lauren =]

Rest in peace, cruel world. The end.

Now for a new beginning.

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Asher, in my up and coming novel, would probably say, “I’m a twenty-two year old guy who doesn’t know what to do in life. Which is why I’m still in college. I’m also a big nerd and a reader… I don’t know what else to say. Can you ask me specific questions for me to narrow down my answer?”


The current character that I’m writing will say this:

I am a mercenary. That’s all you need to know about me. Oh, and another thing, as people won’t forget to tell you. I was a steet mosh (rat in persian) and to some extent, still am.

My friend and street brother Zayed will probably tell you more about me.

Me: “Hey guys, you wanna write a Bio?”
Josh: is smoking a cigarette in the corner of the room ignoring everyone as he listens to his music and reads a book.
Jaime: “Later.” is falling asleep to a soap opera, sipping the last of his beer in a daze.
Jimenez: has just left the building.
Nelson is in the den.
Me: https://media2.giphy.com/media/3o6ozv4UPmDzqvV6A8/giphy.gif

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@AliciaM21 Sounds like me. A lot.

My character, Athenia, would probs say:

Hi! My name is Athenia, and I fell from the heavens as part of a divine species and now you humans call me a goddess! I like cats and flying cats and other stuff! Bye!

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My character, Theo, would probably be like:

Hello, all you need to know about me is that I’m a detective. If you need any more information than please contact my assistant, Rhodes Tyler.

Here’s the bios of my three main characters in Draygon Frost.

Siobhan would probably put this as a bio: Writing a bio is stupid and you’re a moron for making me write one.

Wren would write: My name is Wren Lethon and I’m stuck traveling with a women who constantly calls me moron. But I’m also traveling with Elias and his magic let me breath under water. Oh man magic is so amazing insert rambling about magic’s amazingness here that has absolutely nothing to do with Wren himself

Elias would write: I’m Elias an Aquantian who has chosen a life of service to Siobhan and her family. It is not always easy to remain by Siobhan’s side, especially after her exile from Draygon, but she is the daughter I will never have. It is my duty and my honor to serve her.

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I tried…

From Watcher:

  • Saga;

I’m the best. What else do you need to know?

  • Seth;

Uh… Why do you wanna know about me? I’m not really interesting. Can we talk about something else now?

  • Sam;

SCOTLAND! SCOTLAND! SCOTLAND! (Why is there no Scottish flag? Tha’ is racist! Ye ken, the English took it?)

From Feral:

  • Nathan;

I’m no one.

  • Che;

Name; Che.

Age; 19

Occupation; Student

Looks; Awesome

Characteristics; Smart, speaks a bunch of languages, loves computer science, wants to become an engineer maybe.

I got bored. Can we talk about Nathan instead? He’s the extraordinary one.

  • Nathalia;

Fuck off.

  • Birdie;

My name isn’t Birdie…

My characters are all dicks.

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Hemato: Not here right now, will leave this bio blank for emphasis. Full stop.

Booker Larkin.

Studied medicine as child in orphanage. Apprentice to clockmaker at 17 before taken in as student to Dr. Patterson. Inherited his fortune upon his death. Moved to Tinkerfall at 20.

Brilliant, charming, and unconventional in my practice. Lover of tea and more recently crumpets. Always up for some good gossip. Mess with my assistant and I cannot be held accountable for the injuries you may incur.

Currently seeking information on strange occurrences in the city. If you’ve lost an arm to a mutant wolf or found a mutilated corpse on your doorstep, please feel free to come see me. Will replace missing limbs with something sturdier (may require oil and adjustments from time to time) in exchange for information.

And of course, the paper would be ripped and wrinkled and covered in blood and machine oil.

I also realize this reads more like an ad than a bio, but that’s how Booker would see it anyhow.


Sounds a bit like Doctor Strange to me :joy:

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