If you're in a fantasy world, what will you be?

Hello there traveler, in this thread only provides one question for you: What will you be in an enchanted world? YOU ARE YOU. So you can choose any type of role you feel destined to: Either it’s a hero, a fairy, a witch, a villain, a dark lord etc… No trolling to others, alright! No need to criticize others’ roles, just say what will you be in FW. Simple as that :slight_smile: And its fun anyway This is a friendly share thread for the people who ever dreams to ever live in a fantasy world. Note: THIS IS NOT ROPE-PLAYING, JUST SHARING. MKAY?

If I’m in a fantasy world, I will be a Dragon slayer, wearing a bronze gladiator dragon armor with a torn cape. Cursed with the power of destruction that I must contain with the training in the arts of the warrior. I have a never ending battle to strive to slay the Dragonic bahamut demon that took millions of lives. And so I have a quest to seek an ancient smith to craft an indestructible weapon to harness my power before I slit the dragon’s throat and send it back to hell.

So let me bring the question again, what will you be if you’re in a fantasy world?


To be perfectly honest I would be a defender. You always have warriors and wizards but nahh I would just be a protector of my stuff xD My territory, friends, family, items, I will protect them but if I have to fight I am close to useless.

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I’d probably be a healer. Fighting in raging wars and battles would frighten me too much so I would help those who came out of them injured.

Not even kidding, these two sentences just inspired me to write another story :sweat_smile:

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I’ll be a guy standing on a hill, flying a kite with a key on it in the middle of a storm.


So Mr. Franklin lmao

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Dragon rider.

Since, well, I love dragons. XD


I’d be some dumb-ass mage who lives in a tower away from the rest of the world and is always in a bad mood but can get you cool magical stuff if you pester me for long enough.


Either a Demon-Witch hybrid or a Phoenix/Shape-Shifter.


Because they sound cool (and also because they’re the species I created for a couple of old roleplaying characters I made waaaay back when).

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I would probably be a dragon rider sorceress who travels the world and helps others in secrecy, trying to be as anonymous as possible.
And I imagine the dragon being a blue water dragon that can become travel sized for convenience (Mushu reference anyone?:grin:), and a close companion where we see and treat each other as complete equals and dear friends.

Dark Lord

Or Dragon Slayer Slayer (I suppose it could be shortened to Dragon’s Slayer, but I like the first one. it’s a story idea I had once.) Get paid by dragons to kill other dragon slayers so they don’t have to bother with them. Basically an insurance plan for dragons. No offense to Cervanez who probably a fine fellow, but I take the long view and weigh the odds.

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Hmm, maybe some sort of ageless, archangel-like being who is also quite the anti-hero.

Hmm… A Wood-Elf who is a master of healing powers and an expert archer.

What will you be in an enchanted world? YOU ARE YOU.

Well, considering fantasy worlds are created by authors, and as you said, I am me (a fantasy author), I guess that makes me… a god. :wink:


I’d be an elf. I love elves; they’re so graceful, elegant, and wise.

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A grumpy troll who lives under a bridge and dreams of becoming a fairy because they can fly and they leave sparkles wherever they go. They have such beautiful dresses and they laugh in soft, tinkling noises. They look down on me because- Ok, this feels like roleplaying, I better stop.

I’d probably be that one guy nobody really fears and suspects but is actually orchestrating the entire conflict from the shadows. Y’all just pieces in my fantastical chessboard. :laughing:


Oh no. I can see it in my mind now, I’m having a book idea based on your comment alone shrinks back with fear

:joy: Sorreh.

That would be me since I love cooking up elaborate theories that connect everything together, and so it would be simple for me to direct the entire story myself.

I have a lot of characters like that, so much so that you can’t even tell who the actual mastermind is anymore. :joy:

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Mad respect! How do you even keep the readers guessing at every page and still maintain such a shocking twist when you reveal who the villian is?!

Peasant #12890 or the merchant guy that doesn’t mind buying all your stolen house-goods for pennies. When heroes destroy everyone, there’s going to be a dire need for that hoard of wooden bowls and spoons I tell you.

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