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Problem is it does.

There’s sure as hell ways around it though, I know. I can put an image in a link in a span and then the span will contain the link… but I really am too lazy


How’s that a problem?


It’s… weird to me. I expect it yes, it’s expected, but I don’t like it.


So… what’s the problem then? :thinking:


I only want it to work on the image, I… know how to fix it though. I was just being stubborn


You could add another span and try to nest properly.


:sweat_smile: That’s why I said I’m lazy. I did it when I went away just now. Gonna look for that old post about getting rid of the bubble that shows how many times the link has been clicked.


Jump to post #139 in this thread to see how I did it.


Lol, that’s honestly pretty close to what I thought, but yours works better. I can’t use it for my images tho rip.

It’s kinda cool anyway I guess, I can track how many people respond to my ad.


I think I recorded one click on my ad.


Tbh i didn’t think you wrote lol.


Wait, seriously? :joy:

I’ve been writing longer than I’ve coded.


“I find it amazing how each of us is like our own galaxy. We have so many thoughts going around like little stars that it would take years to fully understand every single one.”


Lol, hoy.


Stop what? :thinking:


Them teen romance lines lol.

TBh tho, I feel like making a book called “Romantic Exchanges” - it would just be a collection of little conversation snippets you can … smile about I guess - or use.

Would be chuck full of those.


I don’t see how it’s teen romance but okay.

Have fun with that.


Well that’s the only place I ever saw them. So what do you write then?


I write a lot of “what if” and psychological stories. Right now, I’m working on a YA sci-fi novel.


I actually don’t understand what the psych genre is supposed to be… one moment.

Oh, so the focus is more on what’s going on inside their heads. Cool, but what’s a YA?