ii. The Coder's Society





Yo. Need any coding help?


No I just came to see what’s new lol. Almost out of experiments to play with?


I have classes starting today, so I won’t be able to mess around with code as much.


Awe, that kinda sucks but that’s great at the same time.


Great? Why?


It’s good to learn and climb the status ladder.


Learning? Sure.

Status? I don’t care much for it.



I was so busy with school I didn’t come on the clubs…

but thank you!


No worries! Glad I could help.


The benefits of status I’m sure you care for.

Money to pay your bills with enough left over to actually enjoy it. The luxury to take vacations. The respect you’ve earned.

Just to name a few. Learning alone doesn’t get you any of this, only how high you are on the ladder.


I know. I’m just not a materialistic person. As long as I have enough to eat and live, that’s as much as I can ask for. :man_shrugging:


im just mildly dropping in bc i want to learn how to code and be good but im also lazy and anxious

sooo uhhh has anyone come up with colored links yet? cant seem to find anything, maybe im just stupid n blind


Welcome, welcome!

I have. See post #2 of this thread for an example.



got it


Imma just bookmark it and visit laterz to learn. What time u usually awake?


My timezone is PDT (California timezone), so… you can base it off that.

But really, post whenever you can and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Oh, okay coolio! Thanks!


@astrophile I need a bit help Lumi…the overflow: scroll; isn’t working…are there some restrictions to it?


Show me the code you’re trying to use?