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This one…oh no…just a minute
<span style="font-size:16px; display: block; text-align :center; border-style: dashed dotted; border-color:#F09090;background-image:url('https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/67577/316756125.2ea/0_1c3821_c81859db_orig');padding:50px; color: #F09090; overflow:scroll;">
Yeah this is it @astrophile


So, that’s the code for the taglist portion?




The reason that overflow: scroll isn’t working is because there is no overflow.

You need to define a height before you start to see overflow kicking into the code.


Oh, but how do I define height for the background image?


Just define height for the whole thing by adding in height: 200px into the code somewhere.


Ohkay, I’ll try that and let you know :smiley:




It works! Tysm :smiley: you’re awesome Lumi! :hugs:


No problem! :lumi:


I want to toss cakes. Many cakes.

Here’s one. :cake:

And another. :cupcake:

And another and another. :moon_cake: :pancakes:


My next project will be coding my Tumblr theme.

If anyone has some tips and tricks, feel free to share.


Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me. :joy:

  1. use the the meta tags to insert color. so if you ever want to change the colors it’s hella easy. a lot of people start out with just putting in the hex colors for each value, and then spend half their time just changing the colors
  2. use good names for your classes or you’ll pay for it later when you want to change something


I’ll keep that in mind once I have an idea of where I want to go with it.

Right now, I’m mostly experimenting to see what each thing does.


lol starting with a wireframe or sketch really helps. especially with nesting.


I’ll probably have to brainstorm designs later on then. :thinking:


I took some old code and pasted in bits of it to see how it’d look on Tumblr:

The nav bar actually works decently. Just gotta practice with all the Tumblr-specific code.


So, in the Tumblr example, they have this kind of code:

    <p id="description">{Description}</p>

I didn’t understand why they used blocks, so I used the following instead:


Does anyone know the difference between the two snippets above? :thinking:


I should probably do some reading on “blocks” because I don’t really understand them.