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Hi. i make tumblr themes for fun.

The blocks = “render if available” ( more or less )

so the first code is saying if there is a description, render it — if not, do nothing
where the second one is saying IDGAF render a description & if there is no description there will be an empty space in its place.


So, basically, on the output, they’re both doing the same thing except one is more formal? :thinking:


i mean… yes? but… if you have enough content that’s not in the correct blocks… you’re gonna have a lot of misplaced stuff and confusing empty spaces.

but some things need blocks to render or else they won’t render. I believe. ( i think it runs on a script to output the posts and information and scripts are pretty… specific most of the time)


So… blocks make things look neater?

Would I be better off trying to use them? :thinking:


I think I’ll take a break from experimenting for now.

Once I get a chance, I’ll read more about “blocks” and then go from there.


I found a super neat site that seems to explain the process step-by-step!


im 99% sure you can not make a tumblr theme without using blocks.

i just tested it. i deleted some of my blocks and now i have no posts LOL


I’ll keep that in mind as I move forward with this. :+1:


lol have fun. also, if this theme is for yourself — which i believe it is — and you never plan on using the audio posts or video posts (etc) feel free to save yourself time and not even code them :ok_hand:


That should make things just a tad bit easier. :joy:


it does create bad habits when you try coding themes for people to use — but if you ever need to cross that road. a checklist is everything LOL


How long, on average, does it take you to make a theme?

I feel like I’ll be working away at this for the next 10 years. :rofl:


Well… i have been doing this for a while but from start to finish maybe less than 3 days — with breaks and goofing off in between.

Usually I can get the structure down in a day, the positioning, the posts, the notes. If I already have a color scheme it really helps; usually i try to have a concept before I start coding though. (I’ve spent a full day picking out color schemes and fonts for some projects) If I’m working with scripts like a masonry/infinity scroll sometimes I have to go back and trouble shoot.

I also like to let it sit for a day or two to make sure everything is working the way i want it too, and that it’s user friendly before i’m like “it’s done”. And even then sometimes I go back to fix it.


That sounds like a very thorough process. :ok_hand:


I can’t decide if I want to design the theme to be just for my sci-fi novel or for my novels in general.

If it’s just my sci-fi novel, some kind of futuristic look would be super cool. :thinking:


a few years of cultivation & some few tips from my favourite theme makers and web designers o: :sweat_smile:


Nice! Also, that reminds me. What happened to that one Discord about designing Tumblr themes?


some… people just died from discord. other people are taking a break cause of school

& you could have a tumblr for your novels in general… but have pages specific to some of your novels


So, the server itself is dead then? :thinking:

Well, as of right now, I only have one WP novel, so it’d be easier to design for that one specifically.

I can always modify later on if I end up uploading more novels to the site.


Going to sleep soon but dropping some ideas for me to revisit in the morning:

  • futuristic bulletin board design (similar to one that’d appear in the classroom)
  • very very monochrome on the outside while posts are the only splash of color
  • this has probably been done to death but maybe a desktop/computer style