ill choose a song for your character!

I’m unbelievably bored, and I love music so I’m doing this

you can do this for as many characters as you want, all I need to know is…

  • Name:
  • Physical Description:
  • Personality:

hope you have fun with this and enjoy my picks xoxo

Name: Calytrix
Physical Description: Calytrix is a 20-year old witch. She has fair colored skin. Her hair is blonde with one natural red lock. Her body type is slim, tall. Her eyes chenage color depending on her mood from blue, green and grey. She wears golden corset, short black dress, long sleeves but shoulders are uncovered, boots
Personality: She is a goody two shoes type of character, a bit naive but smart when it comes to learning and using spells. She is loved by the fire spirit so she is very good at using fire spells.

Name: Phoenix Zi-Yueng Chamberlain
Physical Description: Green eyes, dark skin, tomboy, red hair, always wears a gray hoodie with her hair down, athletic, and always wears black pants and sneakers.
Personality: Anxious and shy, and is really nerdy. Despite all this, she’s a star basketball player and in control on the court. Her type of anxiety is social anxiety.

Name: Dropzone
Physical Description: 14 year old boy with light brown skin, brown eyes, black hair, and partially scared face
Personality: A cold and serious mercenary who rarely smiles and won’t hesitate to fill you with lead if you mess with him. He is capable of holding off entire SWAT teams and soldiers and come out with minimal injury. He is surprisingly and overwhelmingly intelligent for someone his age.

Dark hair, medium-brown skin, dark eyes.
A curious, intellect.

Cory Auden

Invisible muscles, intimidating eyes, green slanted hair, around 5’7 tall, prefers cozy clothing but owns a green training suit, pointy teeth, thin layer of fur, grizzly bear species, humanoid

Cory cares about those who are close to him including his friends. He has PTSD from his cub years and knows how to defend himself. Doesn’t trust easily so it’ll take guts and patience to earn his. He owns a dream book to record anything that repeats in his subconscious mind. He likes to be around nature without a lot of city buildings and noise. He’ll hear both sides of the story to determine the truth. Believes his old friends are dead or escaped already.

  • Name: Riley Jones/ Lightning Lady
  • Physical Description: A tall beautiful woman, often sporting a blonde ponytail. wears a red and blue leotard with matching boots and gloves. Has an electricity theme due to her powers.
  • Personality: Very selfish and deceitful, uses other people to her advantage and cares only for herself. She puts on a face of someone who’s kind and compassionate in public as Lighting lady, but couldn’t care less about actual heroism, is purely into it for the profit.

Name: Abel Firefly
Physical Description: A 17 year old ordinary teenager. About 175 cm tall, blonde hair, average body, has dark blue eyes, but it will turn into red blood eyes when entering Malice Evolution form. Wears an orange shirt with a tie, a black blazer, blue jeans, black sneakers, an orange-black earphone, and a pair of square framed glasses.
Personality: He’s kind, caring, nice, friendly, helpful to other people, he’s the one who unites everyone and made them into one family peer group, but he is extremely envious, he can be envious to anything.

5’ 5", kinda chubby, has glasses, medium black-brown curly/straight hair, brown eyes, kinda fat nose, has one dimple.
Fun, supportive, drama queen (loves acting aka her profession), confident, silent but can get chatty with people she’s known for long, loves to smile, has a smile on her face even when in pain.

Bloom Greenforest, 12 years old.
red-haired, blind, always wears a hat, looks like she could kill you in an instant and could actually kill you in an instant. short.

generous and protective. Strong temperament, REALLY STRONG. Can occasionally be sweet. Ambivert. positive and funny. Loyal. uses SARCASM humour. can’t resist laughing in an awkward moment. Hot-headed, can me mad over anything. patient but impatient (you could say contradictory at this point). clumsy. Always thinks she is right, HATES LOSING. good with a sword (actually the best). Poor. (I could go on but I’m gonna stop. :sweat_smile:)

  • Name: Igor
  • Physical Description: a short stout 11-year-old with a black suit and bowtie and wears glasses. He has black hair and eyes and has almost pale skin
  • Personality: Is shy, serious, and kind. Is sometimes brave and sometimes scared.

Name:lemmy koopa

Appearance:looks like my profile pic

Personality:cute funny nice happy always a bit energetic

Age: 6

My Character’s name is:
Kalaraja “Theo” Marousek
Description: He is six-foot-two, He has long brown hair with a few viking braids, broad shoulders, and golden skin. He wears a jean jacket and has tattoos, and viking rune tattoed under his eye.
Personality: He is apathetic, a hitman, and a sadist. Very likely a psychopath. Also charming.

Name: Ceolyn Amiah
Physical Description: Gray hair, gray eyes, light skin.
Personality: Ceolyn is pretty shy, a bit sassy on the inside. She’s diligent and kind, loves to be outside.