I'll critique your chapter! OPEN

Hey! Want quick feedback on a chapter? Any chapter of any book with any focus?

In my critiques, I look at how well you are accomplishing what you want to do in your story/poetry and make some notes on what you can do to improve an effect/character/ mood you’re trying to get across.

I tend to leave comments as I go and a minimum of a 3-line comment meaningful feedback at the bottom of your story of what I think you did right, what I think you can improve, and sometimes I keep reading if I especially like a story.
(If you prefer, I can PM you what I think instead, just let me know)

Because the book has more chapters now, rules have changed a little ***
How many chapters?
I am wiling to exchange 2 chapters max at one time with one person.

"Can I come back?"
Yes, but we’ll exchange a max of 2 chapters at a time.
Max is currently 4 chapters total per person, but it’ll go up as the book progresses.

First chapter w/ me: Add my story, listed below, to your public reading list:
Link to my story: Raising Hell

Any chapter afterwards: Write one comment at the bottom of a Raising Hell chapter. A different chapter per comment.

I’ll usually get back to you within the day
Form :slight_smile:
Book title/chapter:
Payment complete?: Y/N (Those who pay first will be prioritized, but I get the hesitation not to before I say accepted)


  1. Mamabear
  2. avaneaa_dramionee
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Book: Guardian, The Awakening
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/175406653-guardian-the-awakening
Could you do Chapter 5 or 6 of mine?

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I’ll start right on chapter 5. :slight_smile:

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I’ll do yours within half an hour:)


The Essence of Isolation

Psychological: One of the darker, more pessimistic stories of the earlier age. A man locked into his apartment, looking for a way out. My personal take on Dostoyesky’s “Notes from the Underground”.

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I’ll check out your first chapter.

Ether/Truth Be Told
This is mature and there is strong language in this part.
Thanks in advance

ok. On it!

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complete with yours

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Book Title:Crimson Love

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Accepted. I’ll start reading as soon as payment’s complete :smiley:

Done. Loved it.

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Payment is already done.

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Thank you!

Perfect. I have to finish something first, but you can expect a reading by 4 at the lastest


The Hunt

I read and commented on yours, I really enjoyed it! Definitely a new story idea I haven’t seen before, can’t wait to read more.

Hello and thx for offering to critique chapters!
Book title: Secrets of Boscobel/ chap 1-4 (they’re not that long so it won’t take up too much time to read :wink:)
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/170656806-secrets-of-boscobel