I'll don't want to be a full time author and here's the reason why


Great points!

Agreed. Anything worth achieving takes hard work…and there are plenty of smart people here to give you advice on how to get from where you are now to where you would like to be in the future.


All great points.


I went to your profile and your books are short stories. I’ve heard other short story writers here complain about how short stories aren’t very successful on Wattpad.

Honestly, idk, but you can join the short story clubs and ask for their opinions and techniques in getting readers. I’m also new here. :blush:


Don’t be too hard on yourself you will someday be a great author and maybe sell your books and earn something big out of them


I don’t. I simply want to make extra pocket money. I never believed in mailing lists because, as a reader, I don’t pay attention to them. If I want to know potential news, I would just visit the author’s blog or social media. I’m not even sure if I want to be a writer in a long term. I just want to make extra money is all.


Of course, I do.

But every time I see some blog/article about some author making it big, I get the enormous pressure to start making money. Articles on self-publishing superstars add even bigger pressure. Besides, non-writers don’t view writing as a job but as something to do and if the author’s lucky, they get paid.


Yep, thank you for stopping by.


The problem is you have been misled into thinking it’s easy to do that because it’s easy to self publish. And that isn’t true.

The vast majority of self published writers make about $50 (mostly from friends and family) during their book’s entire lifetime. Why? There are several reasons.

  • The book wasn’t written well enough for a stranger to choose it over another. This is a huge one. It can take years to learn how to craft a novel well. Even professional editing can’t make a poorly written book as good as it needs to be to compete on with professional writers.

  • The book didn’t look professional, and thus didn’t attract readers. Pro editing, pro cover – these cost MONEY, but without them, the book looks amateurish, even if it’s well written.

  • No one knows it exists. There are over 4K books added to Amazon every DAY. It takes a lot of work for people to find a specific book in what is now a sea of over 5M books.

It’s actually getting HARDER to make money with self publishing – even for those who are doing so professionally. Just ask the self pubbed authors who have seen their sales drop over the past year or two!


Well I’m confused. In your first post you said you are “forced to work a stupid day job while I write stuff…” Which implies you want writing to bring in sufficient income that it is your day job. Now you’re saying you just want to make pocket money. Depending on your objective you’re going to need to take a different approach. Regardless of your financial goals, it is HARD WORK to get a book noticed these days, you need to have all your ducks in a row (craft/cover/blurb/editing) and some sort of marketing plan.


Because deep down inside, I know I’ll never make it with self-publishing.

So I need some way to make extra money in hopes I stick around if I succeed.


I’m a bit confused, you seem to believe you’ll never make it self published, yet you still want to make money, just in case you do make it??? I don’t think I’m understanding you.

If you want to make some money, even a little, A.W. Exley is right, and has just given you a lot of tips on how to see more success. I can bemoan with you that it’s hard work, that I still have to work a full time job and then work on my books on top of that like a second job if that’s what you want. If all you’re looking for is a place to vent about the hard work then hey! You’re in similar company, maybe not the best place though, The Cafe might be better. Industry Insiders is about asking and getting advice about the industry, so everyone here is always going to be looking at how you can improve and share tips.


I’m in the same boat. If I don’t sell my book soon. I’m going swimming with my toaster. I hate how you either ARE creative or you’re blue collar working as a slave. (This is america btw)


Wattpad isn’t a place to post a passion project like a novel. Thats why I post short stories on here. If I post my novels. I know someone will take it. (I don’t trust Wattpad or Tumblr)


I think one of the problems of writing is people don’t see the hard work. Trust me when I say everyone writing everywhere who has “made it” had to do a lot of work behind the scenes.

If this is your passion, don’t get discouraged because you don’t have instance success. No one does, save for a few very lucky people, but even they had work you didn’t see. J.K. Rowling had, what, 17 rejections? She still had to query, put herself out there. I bet she has drawers full of first books that weren’t good enough and will never be published.

If you’re not getting any enjoyment, and it’s causing you more stress and depression then its giving you joy, then maybe writing isn’t your thing, and that’s perfectly okay. Keep it as a hobby, nothing wrong with that.


Write because you want to write, not because you can make money. The majority of authors will never make enough to quit their day jobs.

But you can increase your chances of making money by producing high quality work. Learning to write a good story takes time, as does learning the ropes of publishing.

All I can say is if you want to go somewhere with your writing, never give up. Believe in yourself and your work.


There has been theft on Wattpad, but I don’t think its so rampant that one need to be overly paranoid, especially if you’re just starting out. But then, I also think Wattpad is more for building community: find writer friends, get critique partners. Perhaps put a free book on here as a sample to attract new paying readers, but most people will tell you Wattpad doesn’t really translate to paying customers. That’s not the demographic.

If you’re posting on Wattpad in Hope’s you’ll be discovered, hit it big or just attract a huge audience with minimal efforts then don’t post, Wattpad won’t do that.

If you want to get some feedback on an early draft, make connections, talk to people with experience in the forums (Industry Insiders is in my opinion one of the most valuable things here), just connect in general, then Wattpad is for you. You still don’t even have to post content still, I have only short stories now because I haven’t finished anything up to snuff yet. Be social though, interact and read others, find stuff you like. Social Media thrives on interaction.


OH MY! I’m doing vastly better than I thought. Even bad years I make more than that.


Only one word of advice - keep writing. One book is just the beginning. It takes many words (writing AND editing) before you can go out there. I would say most of us are working and writing at the same time. It is normal. If you want to have a chance at becoming halfway successful (meaning you might actually make some money from your books) you have to treat this as a business. That has been said before.
Look at the bright side - you’ve got a hobby that can potentially make money.
Sorry, if I sound like a could shower but this is reality.
Don’t let it irritate you.
Write what you like.
Put it out on Wattpad (but even there you need to work hard to get recognised. Hone your quality, participate in contests, get your book featured, give feedback to others)
One step at a time.
It does work, I’ve tried it. And at times I did not have a 40 hour week but something a lot worse.


Given the title of your original post, that’s an odd comment. Becasue the title was “I’ll never be a full time author” it seemed to imply that you WANT to achieve fulltime status, but you fear you won’t make it. Maybe your post should have been. “I don’t want to be a full time author, and here’s why.” Then you can go on to say that you just want pocket money – which is fine by the way.


After reading your reply to @XimeraGrey a question popped into my head that I hope you’d be willing to answer… Seeing the way the playing field has changed today? Would you recommend self-publishing over finding a publisher these days? Assuming of course, your material is worth reading and can entertain a reader who reads your particular genre.

If not? What would you recommend a writer to do aside from the obvious… Keep writing and improving.