I'll Draw Your Character! (CLOSED)

I know you say to complete payment after being accepted, but… even if I’m not accepted, your book is staying on my reading list for when I have more time. I love your writing!

Character Name: Master Drew Hughes
Gender, Age: 62, male
Head & Body: Muscular, but pear-shaped. He has a noticeable pot-belly which pushes out the straps of his suspender. Rough, squarish fingers with dirty nails. Unkempt, disheveled appearance all over: “rusty” hair (mix of grey and browns) that his straight at the front and falls a little over his face, but curls at the back and reaches just to his neck. He has grey whiskers, and a look of sleep-deprivation about him. Big honker of a nose, which is redder than the rest of his face. He’s 6’7.
Distinct features: concealed under his bulky clothes
Clothing and accessories: Everything is too big for him (even though he’s huge). Wears a simple stained white shirt (just cotton, no/reduced collar), fading black trousers with black suspender straps, black boots (hole at the right big toe). Main bits are the tan trenchcoat with patches on the (from our view) right shoulder and left bicep, with brown elbow patches as well. Scruffy black fingerless gloves.
Brief description of personality: Master Hughes is hardened and rough, a burdened survivor of a repressed life of loss. He began drinking at age eighteen, and did not stop. Book One depicts him at sixty-two. He is grouchy, snappy, and very irritable, accustomed to a reclusive and mostly undisturbed lifestyle. He teaches blacksmithing at a West Haven college, where he advances journeyman to masters. He has no tolerance for failure or slow progress and is quick to voice his distaste and disappointment plainly. His barking at and bruising of students teaches them to always do their best. Though his methods of teaching are far from conventional, he gets the job done. No slackers.
Any pose / expression preferences: artist’s choice. Typically sneering, disapproving, critical, derisive, or otherwise negative, so have fun with drawing an absolute scumbag. As long as he isn’t smiling, go nuts

I draw him a lot myself (though I can never seem to do it consistently… ugh), but am interested to see, if accepted, another artist’s interpretation.


Thank you, starting now <3

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I’m so fricken excited!!!

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Accepted! (finally not a teen haha)

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Thank you!

Hey mine was 12 so she wasn’t a teen LOl



Omg thank you!

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Um, how do I save it?

You should be able to just right click and save it. If not, then you can use the sniptool

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I can’t do either

Then PM me your email and I’ll send it to you

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Oh, never mind. I got it! Lol

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Yay, I’m so excited!
I didn’t complete the forms, so here’s the rest:

Name: Angel
Clothing and accessories: leather armor and two fans with a purple katana at her waist

Armor idea


Pose and expression: doesn’t have to go past the waist, (maybe she is holding her fans defensively) and a solemn yet slightly mischievous expression

Name: Lisa
Clothing and accessories: a posh school uniform and an ornament with the Shadow Stone (a trilliant black gemstone)

Uniform idea


Poses and expression: either a sassy pose with her hands on her hips and looking annoyed or a dainty pose that you might imagine a Disney princess in with a confused expression

Thank you! I’ll get to completing the payment

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Omg, she looks amazing! You’re an amazing artist. Thank you!

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Glad you like it!

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Ok this one took me longer than I was expecting, and I blame it on the hands XD He ended up looking just like my old Environmental Law professor XD



Hands are hard xD

This is actually incredibly accurate, thank you so much! ;O; <3

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Will get started on payment ASAP :wink:

Character Name: Xix Acheron

Gender/Age: Female. ~5000 but looks 18

Head and body:
Skin colour: deep bronze
Face shape: oval
Eye shape: protruding
Eye colour: scarlet
Eyebrow shape: soft angled
Hair: short (shoulder length). white. slightly curled
Body Type: mesomorph
Nose: round. slightly upturned. snall
Mouth shape: natural

Distinct Features:

Clothing and Accessories: Black long-sleeve crop top with red swirling patterns, black ripped jeans, black knee-high heeled boots, red crystal bracelet around one arm (either is fine)

Brief Description of Personality: Xix is the mystery character in my series. No much is kown about her when other characters talk about her.
She’s loyal, loving, protective, feirce, smart, brave, and thoughtful, though she can be a bit paranoid at times

Any Pose/Expression Preferences:
Hands on hips, slight smile, narrowed eyes like she’s getting ready to cause trouble (if that makes sense :sweat_smile:)