I'll Read Your Books!

I will read anything, but I prefect fantasy/romance/teen… I also like horror, and thriller and i’m okay with LGBT. Anything really, I guess. If I really like the book, i’ll tell you in the comments my opinion. Be aware: I may not get to everybody’s books immediately, and I’ll review it after I finish what you’ve written.



Title: Rising Wind

Genre: Fantasy/Action-Fantasy

Link: Rising Wind


The Governance wants a perfect society and says that Elementals are a threat to that goal. They are irrational, unpredictable, and if left without oversight, can't be trusted to do what's right for the greater good. Kal's duty as a soldier is to keep the peace by enforcing the rules that the Governance creates, and officials have ordered that Elementals must be tracked via the Registry.

But when Kal encounters a group of misfits that he suspects might be Elementals, he can't bring himself to report them and let the system sort them out. Despite his training and the advice of friends, he decides to help them onto what he believes is the right path. This choice lands him in more trouble than he bargained for, as he soon discovers that the beautiful veneer the Governance shows is built upon an ugly and crumbling foundation.

My story is a fanfic!! Lol a BTS on of Jimin (My bias) Please read and give me feedback!! TYSM

Title: Death of The Flowers
Genre: YA Fantasy

Aaron was never meant to be king.

He was a bastard, raised to be in the palace’s shadow, not ruling it. Never ruling it. However, when the king’s health starts to deteriorate and his true heir is nowhere to be seen, Aaron might just have to accept the crown.

Between fighting a mysterious group, trying to find his brother and trying to stay alive, Aaron realizes there is more to magic than what he’d always thought.


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Hey there!
Here’s my New Adult/Romance story “Mea again”. Hope you like it!

Mea again


“No matter your problems, face them with a bright smile and a bucket of chocolate ice-cream,” nana once wisely told me. At the time, I was barely twelve and thought that I could summon a unicorn if I just believed in myself. Blame it on cartoon creators who thought it’d be a good idea to make everything all pink and glittery […]

A decade later, despite my massive student loans and almost nonexistent love life, that piece of advice was all I needed to maintain good mental health and earn myself some lovely padded hips. Little did I know that a horrific monster was lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike and scare the living daylights out of my naïve and helpless self.

‘There she goes again with the metaphors and literary witchcraft…’

Did you really have to make an entrance right now, conscience? I was about to get to the exciting part. As I was saying, that hideous monster popped out of nowhere and there was no ice-cream bucket big enough to vanquish it. Hence, I only reacted the way an average person such as myself would.

‘You gathered your forces and made it creep back into the shadows? It realized that you were too nice and boring to be messed with? Or did Prince Charming arrive, on his white horse of course, and saved little helpless you?’

Nope, not exactly and definitely not. I ran away and left everything and everyone I ever cared about behind.

‘Remind me again why we’re having an emotional trip down memory lane?’

Because it’s about time I went back and fixed everything.

Read Mea again

Love, hugs, and lots of chocolate


My other work is similar but has been through less polishing.

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I’ve got a complete fantasy story, if you want? ^-^


Blaze in the Darkness

High Fantasy

The death of the Beast Collector was the beginning of a new life for firefox kit Zanixa.

Sold to a werewolves as an illusion in a bottle, the pack is reluctant to take responsibility for the fox kit who is alone in the world. Now she’s freed after centuries of imprisonment, the pack’s resident vampire takes care of her.

Zanixa has other ideas than staying with them, though. She is eager to find her mother… if her mother is still alive. The world is a big, dangerous place for a young magical fox who knows nothing about werewolf wars, hungry rogues, or nature spirits.

Here’s the link :slight_smile:

Hi! I have two novels that are basically polar opposites, but it fits in the categories that you’re looking for :slight_smile:

The first fantasy romance novel is a completed one!:
Title: Unite and Vanquish
Summary: Thousands of years ago, the Azure and the Vermilion dragons started a war with one another. Although no one knows how it started, generations upon generations of both of these dragons have been taught to despise and kill each other instantly.

The spirit of the dragons have been passed down to humans as a tribute to their kindness as the royal family of both these clans possesses the blood of the Azure and Vermilion dragon, who can shift from human to dragon at will. But little did the humans know, that with the spirit of the dragons, came at a cost: the cost of instant bloodshed of the opposite clans.

Attempting to end this conflict once and for all, Princess Annamarie, the last Azure dragon descendant, accepts a peace treaty in which she is then forced into a political marriage by her own morals and principles with the brooding Prince Kyro, who is popular for being a tyrant throughout the Vermilion Kingdom.

Although Prince Kyro seems to be the main threat at the moment, Anna has become aware of an even larger threat looming above everyone’s head, including hers. As a result, the rival clans have to figure out how to put their differences aside and work together to eliminate this threat before it eliminates them first.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/167233051-unite-and-vanquish✔️

The second book is one that I just started and it’s a teen fic novel with a lot of romance ^-^
Title: The Turnover
Summary: turn·o·ver /ˈtərnˌōvər/ noun
(in a basketball game) a loss of possession of the ball to the opposing team.
Ashley Zhao vowed that she would never touch a basketball ever again. But after moving to Los Angeles, where the game of basketball is practically worshipped, she seems to have a bit of a dilemma with her promise as she was her previous school’s star player. But why does she want to keep such an important hobby, a secret?

Because she dreams of fitting into the common girl stereotype of sitting still and looking pretty.

Ashley attempts to do this by becoming one of the school’s tutors but fails to blend in as she comes out as one of the top students at Grandview High. As a result of this, many students request for her assistance and when there’s more interaction, there’s more exchange of information. As if her life couldn’t get any worse, William Campbell, the captain of the boys’ basketball team, requests for her assistance.

With his British accent and gentle personality, she can’t seem to stop gravitating towards him. But Ashley knows what’s at stake if she gives in because if she does, she will make a turnover on behalf of her dreams to ridicules and insults once again.
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/196286075-the-turnover

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I’d love for you to read mine! Here’s the link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/172948970-phoenix

Thank you!

Here’s my book:
Seven years after Iesha’s disappearance, a mysterious letter addressed to Akari reveals the hidden horror and danger that has been unleashed into the world, known as the Hollow.

After being unintentionally pulled into this forbidden world, Akari and her friends, Ax, Shabina, and Xena, seek to escape the unimaginable realm of the Hollow.

While doing so, they discover the painful, devastating truth behind Thana, the creator of the Hollow.

But is Thana the true monster of this story? Or is there a worser evil lurking within?
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/193719613-inside-the-hollow

I write poems if you have the time and interest:)

It’s called imperfect by celinalovespancakes

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I love poetry! Maybe I should’ve added that in the title… I’d be happy to read it!

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Hi @Complex009 — you might like my book However Long the Night — take a peek at the cover, summary and link below! :slight_smile:


Will Brody has a morbid secret. With just one look he can predict how many close calls a person has before they die.

Unfortunately, his second sight is flawed. Will knows when someone’s time is running out, but he doesn’t have enough insight to save them. So, he avoids anyone whose shelf life causes him concern.

Until he meets Skye Harrison.

As their lives entangle, the secret of her fate unfolds and Will struggles to decide whether getting close to Skye is worth the risk of losing her.

When Skye’s dark past comes back to haunt her, Will must unlock the true meaning of his gift before it’s too late.

However Long the Night

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That one visit to her aunt’s house near the forest changed a lot. Seeing a wolf transform into a boy made her think she hallucinated for a week. But that thought changed when she got called out of class to show the new boy around. The moment she saw his eyes, her body
petrified, realizing she never hallucinated and that her life won’t be normal anymore.
All the girls are drooling over Jason, but his eyes are only on one person, Cira.
‘‘What are you?’’ was the first question he asked her.
She will find out that she isn’t as ordinary as she thought she is. Will, they eventually fall for each other or will they end up on opposite sides when they find out she is a creature almost no one knows of?


You might enjoy my story :smiley:

Fractured Red

Redaliya learned quickly that the world doesn’t give second chances. After an ill-fated choice, her time is ticking; she goes in search of the only things she can’t have. A cure.
A gift given, and the balance tipped;
there is always a penalty to be paid.

Longer Summary

If you asked shifters about a female named Opalescence Alkingsly they wouldn’t understand and if you asked them about the legend of Red, it sometimes sparked a distant memory worn away with the passage of time. However, more often than not it too would be met with a look of confusion.

Legends sometimes fade, forgotten, and lost within the past. But the few that remember, and pass on the tales, for them the legends live on.


From the moment she was born, Red was destined to leave her mark on the world. Both blessed to make a change and cursed to find her end, she wants for something the world cannot give her. A second chance. Her visions were painful, driving her to stain her hands with blood. All Red ever wanted was to wash her hands clean, but as she learns quickly, some stains aren’t so easy to remove.

One family member dead, one curse, and one choice, was all it took to set her along a path with no way out. The consequences of one’s action never give second chances as Red finds out. She travels in search of a cure, and her past will affect her future.

In the end two will have died. One by Red’s hand and one will be her.


Her tale, forgotten by many in the sands of time, her choices built a foundation.

Hey! I have a Romance that you may be interested in :slight_smile: I would love to know what you think, and if this isn’t of interest then that is absolutely fine. Thank you either way :smiley:


Mute since the tragic accident, Ashlyn Holland has lived a quiet life in her childhood home, haunted daily by the shadow of her Father’s memory, but too afraid to let him go. Instead, she passes the day serving coffee and kindness, avoiding the ocean at all costs.

When Derek moves to town, however, her routine is interrupted, and the fears that have always held her back are challenged. As their relationship develops and Ashlyn finds freedom in love, disaster lingers in the back ready to strike. And when it does, it will either bring them closer together or tear them apart.


Rainbow Guardians

Starland is a planet that is full of hope and light. However, long-oppressed darkness is awakening and threatens the dimension starting from there. Lord Stephen Hugo and Shadow Galactica try to revive the imperial wishes of Negavise, becoming the Harmonial Emperor. To obtain this wish, the exiled and oppressed side of the darkness has to crash the five kingdoms. The Harmony Dimension is facing an existential crisis. The cores of their planets are about to perish! The princesses of the five kingdoms, Nelly, Anny, Julia, Shanya and Neesha have to stop this before it’s too late. However, will they succeed?


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Title: Lost: Casa Perdida
Genre: Action; Adventure; Thriller; Suspense;
Blurb: A group of 10th graders is stranded in the Bolivian Jungles after their guardians leave them and never return. Little do they know that close to where they’re stranded are the hunting grounds of the legendary, man-eating, poltergeist La Negra. As they try to survive in the jungles amid disastrous weather, will they come out alive? Or will they, in trying to do so, become Negra’s next prey?

A story of a time when what was supposed to be a fun trip, turned into a walking nightmare for these children who came from as far as Wyoming, the United States on a class trip to Bolivia