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Book: The end of me in a diary
Summary: West is a seventeen year old boy bored out of his mind, to the point of the idea that Earth falls into ruins stimulates his senses. Luckily for him, according to the ancient Mayan prophecy the world is to end in less than five months. With nothing to do he decides to record his last days in a diary, waiting for the inevitable to happen.
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/164213191-the-end-of-me-in-a-diary
Genre: Teenage fiction


Book: The Disease Called Men
Author: @_quinta
Short Summary: Who needs boys? Certainly not Aldenbury Girls Grammar School!

Just when everything began to finally fall into place, it falls apart - at least, for student council president Cerise. Cerise will do everything in her power to prevent Aldenbury from becoming co-ed. That includes bribery, coercion and maybe even the use of blackmail (which she may or may not have orchestrated the events herself). Along with her loyal, albeit reluctant group of friends, she has one goal in her mind:

Eliminate this disease called men.
Link: Link here
Genre: Teen Fiction

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Name of Book: dear percocet, i don’t think we should see each other anymore
Author/Name: viitasaari
Short Summary: elijah is an addict, and ben is the only drug he can’t have
Genre: short story/angst


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All the Lights are On
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
“The McKenzie house stood tall and proud, its walls worn down by time and weather. First it lost its family, then its charm, and finally its power. For the past two decades, the house stood overlooking Weary Ranch, cold and dark and desolate. On one cold September morning, the citizens of Weary Ranch woke up to alarming news. All the lights were on in the McKenzie house.”


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Book: Contemporary Love
Author: Lizzythecutie
Summary: No love triangles. No drama. Just sweet romance between two college students who are awfully awkward and take ‘communication is key’ to heart. Lots of dialogues, not texts. Feelings and emotions are described in detail.
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Chapters: 2


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Title: Life And Death
Author: nerdynarrator
Summary: “You don’t look much like an angel,” I said, looking her up and down in her jeans and leather jacket. Her hair was up in a ponytail, too-not a graceful one, just a ponytail.

“You don’t look much like a devil,” she said without a beat. I glanced down at my white, frilly dress and scowled. I was going to kill Kaia.

Life on earth is never the greatest experience, for anyone. There’s always something to hate. For Agnes, that was about everything.

For as long as she can remember she’s kept her social life limited to just four people: her mom, her dad, her best friend Theo, and his dad.

Everything seemed fine, for the most part. A normal teenage life.

And that was when it all came crashing down.

When presented with a choice to leave her human world, Agnes finds herself forced into an eternal battle between Life and Death, and nothing will ever be the same.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/644897751-life-and-death-two-for-the-price-of-one


i will make sure i edit my story and correct as much as possible thank you for reading it and giving me suggestions bubblenikki and like Ralph will end up saying “your crystal clear…i like crystals”
don’t take that as anything else please its a future quote Ralph gonna say in book 2 The Jaguar
i have all the names of future books finally


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Name of Book: Blame the goddess
Author/Name: Laynejodi
Short Summary: Callum ‘Cal’ Yorke an omega, a hybrid of the Elders and humans, who after much physical and emotional abuse and pain decided to bypass the Moon goddess and change his destiny with the help of the Sun god. Rejecting his mate, Cal dares to forge a new way for his wolf and himself, changing the status quo along the way. Alpha Darric is an egomaniac who gets off on his status as an Alpha. having an omega as a mate and more importantly, his Luna is unthinkable. Lord Rafe is a vampire who is as easy going as he is tough, for his mate he’ll do anything and for his enemies even if it is a goddess herself, he’ll rain hell on earth. These three are on a collision course with fate, destiny and whatever else the goddess sees fit to throw at them.

Link to Book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/166762033-blame-the-goddess
Genre – Werewolf/ Vampire, bxbxb

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Before I start, this is a fanfiction…
Name of book: A Test of True Love
Author Name: Sunset-Peril
Short Summary: During the events of Sonic Forces, immeditly following the failure of Operation Big Wave, one of the Rookiez soldiers, Nadia the Wolf, is severely injured-no mortally injured during battle. Another Rookiez soldier, Gadget the Wolf, has fallen in love with her and is devastated despite his first and most imperative order to not fall in love. This will be the ultimate test of his love and affection for her.
Link to Book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/165082453-a-test-of-true-love-the-war-over-mobius-saga-2
Genre: Fanfiction
Note: only 4 chapters are published, and one of the parts (part 2) is just a giant author’s note(so you might wanna skip Part 2)