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Dear God, help me." I whispered in between breaths.

" No God can help you now. You belong to me." His demonic eyes bore into mine and caused a shiver down my spine. Within seconds his mouth captured mine and the flames of hell poured down my throat.

link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/146381562-the-pact


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Name of book: Embers
Author name: miintchocochip
Short summary: “You are a beautiful girl. Fit to be my queen. Mia Regina.”

I almost spat in his face. I could feel the disgust in my expression, but he didn’t seem to mind. Instead, he just continued talking.

“But first, you will have to prove yourself. Prove that you will be strong and worthy.” He turned away from me and I immediately looked back at Leo, helplessly. His piercing gaze didn’t give me any comfort.

“I don’t want this. Find someone else to be your queen. Why me?”


When Aria is kidnapped by a dangerous gang in Chicago, her life completely changes. She learns that she lives in a ruthless world, and has to be ruthless to able to cope with it. As she struggles to outsmart the gang leader and the other members, she must be stronger and better than all of them to be able to survive.

Link to book:https://www.wattpad.com/story/169029839-embers

Genre: Romance

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Name of Book: Incandescent
Author/Name: TheCookie_Monster
Short Summary: Hazel Martin and Aston Kennedy had been childhood best friends. They spent all their time together and were inseparable until something happened that turned Ashton’s life completely upside down.

Now Ashton is a successful lawyer in London and Hazel is the owner of one of the best restaurants in LA, and they haven’t spoken to each other in 10 long years.

What happens when Ashton comes back to LA after all these years? Has he forgiven Hazel for what she did to him or is that it for their friendship?
Link to Book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/164491045-incandescent
Genre: Romance

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Name of Book - Fishman
Author/Name - @Chloboshoka (Chloe Gilholy)
Short Summary - Bobby’s life is turned upside down when a failed suicide attempt is foiled by Todd, who claims to be dating a sister he buried a long time ago.
Link to Book - https://www.wattpad.com/660549478-fishman-goodbye-and-hello-cruel-world
Genre - Mystery/Thriller


Name of Book: The Story of Declan Blake (Thinking of changing it to either ‘Seven Days’ or ‘Coming Home’
Author/Name: Calista Comet
Short Summary:
“There is great power in being the calm in the centre of a storm.” These were words that Declan Blake lived by. He didn’t react when bullied as a child. He didn’t break when shipped off to his brother on the other end of the country. He took it all in stride, an eery calmness that would unnerve most people. He saw each instance as a building block to who he could become.

Then why was going back home now causing him anxiety?

7 days. That’s all it was. 7 days with the family he hadn’t seen in 7 years. 7 days of being family. 7 days of holding a secret tightly clutched to his core. 7 days before he could finally go back home. It was only 7 days, right? What could possibly happen?

Link to Book: (I am unable to link it here right now, because of some Wattpad law; but the book is pretty easy to find.

Genre: Young Adult

Note: I only have a few chapters up right now. This is till a work-in-progress. Would really appreciate feedback on how I can improve.

Thanks in Advance!


I’ll read it and get back to you!


The link takes me to a page that doesn’t exist! I also visited your profile, and didn’t see a story.


Name of the book: the bad boy, the baby and me
author/name: crystal
short summary:What happens when you throw in two immature teenagers and a mysterious baby together? You get the recipe for disaster. And, what happens when you add crazy best friends, cocky bad boys, gangsters, murderers, clueless adults and mean girls to the mix? Congratulations! You have everything to blow up a shit storm.
Millie is so busy leading a simple life and Ashton is so busy basking in his bad boy glory, that they are totally thrown off the balance when they have no other choice but to look after a mysterious baby who comes with way too many secrets and life threats. They have to constantly have battle to preserve their sanity and their hearts, while they try to unravel the mystery surrounding the baby.

Will they be able to wint his fruitless battle?

Follow Millie and Ashton on a rollercoaster ride consisting of love, friendship, baby, threats, mean girls, bad boys, suspicious parents and diapers!!

genre: teen fiction

link: (i am unable to give it, but here’s my account: @crystally_rain
status: 9 chapters till date


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