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Name of the book: Sub-Relatus
Author Name: Pluma Púrpura
Summary: It is a collection of short stories. One is about a town where falls an infinite rain that never ends; the story occurs through the life of a kind of peasant who´s blind. The second story is about a labyrinth which tortures in maniac ways their slaves. The last one is about a mother who (at medusa´s manner) immobilize her daughter every night.

Genre: Fantasy

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/161847464-sub-relatus

(Use a translator, the all the stories are written in spanish)


I’ll get back to you when finished :slight_smile:


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My book is a radio…like an radio book


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@bubblenikki im starting book 2 The Tiger


Denna Hunter (SweetNovember48)

In most cases, the murder of a mother would devastate her children. In the case of Eric and Jared Stetson, it freed them from continued years of abuse and trauma. Unfortunately, for the rest of the world it was too late, the damage had already been done.

After years of abuse the boys are free to find incredible success, especially Eric. Eric took no hostages when creating his real estate empire. He was devious, demanding and deadly. At least that’s what detectives believe when they must solve a young girl’s haunting murder. As clues emerge, Eric becomes their prime suspect. As more murders are uncovered the FBI creates a strong case against Eric’s business practices and partner with police to solidify his guilt as a serial killer. All the police need is his brothers help. Jared is meek, unassuming and loyal, having ridden Eric’s coattails most of his life. As Jared finds happiness with his new girlfriend, he also finds that she too will become a victim. When Jared’s girlfriend goes missing he is frantic to find her and goes to the police. They convince him to help bring Eric to justice. Although he agrees, Jared has plans of his own that will leave one brother dead and another left to continue a legacy of murder.



Thank you so much for any feedback you are willing to give. You are doing a great thing.


Hi :slight_smile: I just finished this poetry collection and would love some thoughts on the poems. Unlike a lot of poetry collections on Wattpad, there is no order to read. Read those with titles that capture your attention the most.

Name of Book: RAW

Author/Name: @elfoxwood

Short Summary: People may shy away from the raw truth or close their eyes to negative situations. They may refuse to accept others who are different and limit them even though some are as capable as “normal” people.

But you cannot ignore these truths for long because they have a voice and they will make sure you hear them.

Trigger Warning: there is a poem about a rape victim, the school shootings, and children of war.

Link to Book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/158579926-raw-completed

Genre: poetry

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the link is here


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Name of Book: Air Born

Author/Name: juniormint94

Short Summary: After a mysterious fire destroys her home, seventeen-year-old Orion Candor begrudgingly moves to the peculiar town of Crystal Manor in her grandmother’s passed down home. There, she has to start anew, but all she wants is to blend in. But after a near-death experience exposes her unexplainable powers to the public, she’s enrolled at Isoria Academy, an elite school for elemental sorcery in the enchanting country, Isoria. As she tries settling into her new regime in this new world, it becomes clear that her powers are different from her classmates and starts attracting unwanted attention. And after discovering a hidden journal in her house, Orion’s convinced her long-dead grandmother, Cordova, is linked to her erratic powers. Determined to solve what they are and how to control them, Orion follows Cordova’s clues, only to find herself deep in a twisted puzzle that threatens her life. She soon unravels that moving to Crystal Manor and discovering Isoria was not a twist of fate, but someone’s mission, and must solve the riddles before her foes do, or risk losing what Cordova sacrificed everything for.

Link to Book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/165654709-air-born

Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy


Welcome to authoring, friend! I have this project that’s still very new for me, since I started it for Nano but I’d love thoughts on it.

Name of Book: Cursed Gardens
Author/Name: KeriHalfacre
Short Summary: A stranger literally falls into Maggie and Val’s lives to tell them their parents aren’t dead like they thought, but trapped in the spirit plane. Maggie and Val might be the only witches capable of freeing them from the plane.
Link to Book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/166994398-cursed-gardens
Genre: paranormal


Name of Book: Despondent
Author/Name: @lethargicluv
Short Summary: He didn’t do relationships, and she’s never been out of her gilded cage.
Link to Book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/168907190-despondent
Genre: Romance/Teen fiction